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Monday, Apr 20, 2015


Editorial: A bipartisan Medicare fix

It’s rare these days for Congress to compromise on anything, so when the House comes together to pass a bill that benefits the Medicare system and extends a program that provides health care to more than 8 million children, it deserves some me...
Published: 04/02/15

Editorial: Conflicting Mideast signals

In the struggles raging among rival Arab powers in the Middle East, the United States appears to find itself either on the sidelines or, curiously enough, on both sides, and that’s discouraging — and revealing.
Published: 04/01/15

Editorial: Let pier process unfold as intended

The Pier Selection Committee made a prudent decision to delay making a final choice on a replacement for St. Petersburg’s shuttered pier. The delay will give the committee’s six members time to reconsider the pros and cons of the design...
Published: 03/31/15

Editorial: USF aces accountability test

It’s no coincidence that the University of South Florida has placed near the top of the state’s performance funding program since Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers adopted the evaluation process linking a portion of university funding to c...
Published: 03/30/15

‘Surplus’ lands program a threat to water district’s legacy

The core mission of the Southwest Florida Water Management district, created by the Legislature in 1961, is to protect water resources in Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and 13 other counties in West-Central Florida. This has been a challenge due to go...
Published: 03/29/15

Editorial: St. Pete City Council stands in the way of progress

St. Petersburg City Council members can be forgiven for being a little skittish several months ago when presented with a deal that would have allowed the Tampa Bay Rays to look in Tampa for a new stadium site.
Published: 03/28/15

Editorial: Save Amendment 1, Gov. Scott

It takes a special kind of arrogance to completely dismiss the directive of 75 percent of voters.
Published: 03/27/15

Editorial: A closer look at Bergdahl affair

The military justice system will determine if U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who spent five years as a Taliban prisoner, is guilty of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.
Published: 03/27/15

Editorial: The message from city voters

We hope all local political candidates learn from the District 6 Tampa City Council runoff.
Published: 03/26/15

Editorial: Gun violence reveals a dangerous silence

The frustration expressed by Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor over this year’s troubling spike in gun violence should be shared by everyone who calls Tampa home.
Published: 03/25/15