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Sunday, Sep 21, 2014


Editorial: Lee County schools vote shines light on testing burden

Every parent with a child in the public school system can sympathize with the sentiment expressed by Lee County School Board members who voted last week to opt out of the state’s standardized testing.
Published: 09/03/14

Editorial: Obama’s frustrating caution

Appearing on “Meet The Press” Sunday, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein spoke for many Americans when she suggested that President Obama is being too cautious in his response to the threat posed by the radical jihadists wreaking havoc in Syria...
Published: 09/03/14

Editorial: Taking school choice to court

An unfortunate lawsuit by the teachers union and other groups seeks to have Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship voucher program declared unconstitutional. The suit claims the vouchers divert money from public schools.
Published: 09/02/14

Editorial: Nurturing a film industry

Florida lawmakers may have cause to regret not adopting legislation last session providing incentives to attract film projects.
Published: 09/01/14

Editorial: A reality check for Clearwater aquarium plan

Give credit to the backers of a proposed Clearwater Marine Aquarium facility in downtown Clearwater for scaling back their original plan and settling on the right focus for the attraction.
Published: 08/31/14

Editorial: Stop the write-in fraud

The statewide election turnout in the Tuesday primary was a woeful 17.6 percent, with only 2.07 million Floridians casting ballots while 9.7 million registered voters didn’t bother.
Published: 08/30/14

Editorial: Duke’s unseemly revenue grab

Duke Energy Florida seems to embody all of the reasons consumers become disgusted with utilities that are allowed to operate as monopolies in our communities.
Published: 08/29/14

A community attack on violence

We’ve seen enough crime prevention programs falter through the years to have a degree of skepticism about efforts to attack the root causes of violent crime.
Published: 08/28/14

Editorial: Chamber’s intern program aims to keep local talent in Tampa

Keeping the best and the brightest scholars in the Tampa Bay area after college graduation is a goal business leaders have discussed over the years without a cohesive strategy.
Published: 08/27/14

Editorial: No surprises on primary day

The showdown everyone expected and many have bemoaned is official. Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor, easily won their primaries.
Published: 08/27/14