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Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014


Editorial: Hillsborough should back equality

When the Hillsborough County Commission adopted a human rights ordinance that prohibited discrimination against gays in 1991, 3,000 residents attended the tumultuous meeting.
Published: 07/16/14

Editorial: The VA’s bonus program should end

Performance bonuses may have a place in some corporate environments where employees who boost revenues or cut expenses and waste are deserving of a financial reward.
Published: 07/16/14

Editorial: Court tosses flawed net ban ruling

An appeals court showed reassuring regard for the rule of law and Florida natural resources in overturning a Panhandle judge’s loopy ruling against the state’s net ban.
Published: 07/15/14

Tribune Endorsements: Judicial races in Pinellas and Pasco

Having fair and impartial jurists with the right temperament and necessary legal acumen is essential to our legal system. In Florida, circuit court judges preside over felony criminal trials and civil lawsuits with damages exceeding $15,000. They hav...
Published: 07/14/14

Tribune endorsement: Judicial races in Hillsborough County

Having fair and impartial jurists with the necessary temperament and legal acumen is essential to our legal system.
Published: 07/13/14

Editorial: Judge’s ruling confirms redistricting sham

Voters who supported the “Fair Districts” amendments in 2010 should feel violated by the Florida legislators who presided over a redistricting process that appears to have cast aside the will of the people to further selfish political i...
Published: 07/12/14

Editorial: Synthetic pot ordinance an effective tool

A county ordinance passed to curb the insidious spread of synthetic pot is proving to be an effective tool.
Published: 07/10/14

Editorial: Clearing the way for neighborhood revival

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and members of Tampa City Council are wise to want to tap the development potential of city land near the Hillsborough River in an urban neighborhood in need of revival.
Published: 07/10/14

Editorial: New law takes aim at data breaches that expose your personal information

Computer breaches put millions of Americans at risk every year to cyber thieves who hack into databases for passwords, PIN numbers, Social Security numbers and other personal information.
Published: 07/09/14

Editorial: Terrorism’s mystery man

For years, it seemed that we all knew everything we needed to know about Osama bin Laden, including, importantly, what he looked like. We want to know what our foe looks like.
Published: 07/08/14