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Monday, Dec 22, 2014


Editorial: Rid Davis Islands Seaplane Basin of derelict boats

On the surface, it appears not much has happened in the year since the city began tagging boats that appear to be illegally moored in the Davis Islands Seaplane Basin.
Published: 12/05/14

Editorial: Expanding USF’s medical reach

Most of the attention on the proposal to move the University of South Florida medical school to downtown Tampa understandably has focused on how the project would attract people and enterprises to the city’s urban core.
Published: 12/04/14

Editorial: Group calls for sensible reforms to Florida’s corrections system

The recent resignation of yet another Department of Corrections secretary, and the deaths of a number of inmates who appear to have been grossly mistreated, signal systemic problems that won’t be solved by the appointment of a new corrections ...
Published: 12/03/14

Keeping police well armed

It is a rare day when the White House sounds more sensible about law enforcement than a Republican senator and presidential contender.
Published: 12/03/14

Editorial: Pope’s wise words on religion and war

There may be no way short of military annihilation to halt the advance of the radical jihadis flying the flag of the Islamic State, and as welcome as his message may be to the rest of us, they’re unlikely to heed Pope Francis’ call to c...
Published: 12/02/14

Editorial: Time for pension reform

Though comprehensive pension reform was a priority for House Speaker Will Weatherford the past two years, the Florida Legislature failed to enact it, which underscores how difficult it is for even the most powerful legislator to overcome the resistan...
Published: 11/30/14

Editorial: Strong stand for Everglades

Prior to the election, many thought that if Gov. Rick Scott won re-election, U.S. Sugar’s proposal to build a massive city between Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades would be a slam dunk.
Published: 11/29/14

Editorial: Those who quietly give

Today, as families gather around the Thanksgiving table, thousands of volunteers will give up at least a part of their holiday helping strangers.
Published: 11/27/14

Florida needs Congress to kill production tax credit

With Election Day behind us, Congress must now turn its attention to the raft of issues that legislators have ignored over the past year. Chief among them: Whether to revive the Production Tax Credit (PTC), a massive, taxpayer-funded handout that in ...
Published: 11/25/14

Editorial: The hard facts on Ferguson

In his detailed summary of the grand jury’s findings on the death of Michael Brown, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch was pointedly critical of the media’s “insatiable desire for something, anything to tal...
Published: 11/25/14