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Thursday, Aug 21, 2014


Editorial: U.S. trips over Cuba again

What is it about Cuba that seems to make American administrations lose intelligence and judgment?
Published: 08/06/14

Editorial: HART’s solvable governance issue

Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority officials rightly want to ensure that residents participate in a major expansion of the county’s transit offerings.
Published: 08/06/14

Editorial: End the write-in candidate chicanery

Florida voters in 1998 passed a constitutional amendment that opened primary elections to all voters when no candidate from an opposing party qualifies to run. Allowing all registered voters to participate in those primaries is the right thing to do....
Published: 08/05/14

Editorial: A reasonable first step toward resolving the redistricting mess

Circuit Judge Terry Lewis has taken a reasonable first step toward resolving the election mess caused by the Legislature’s misconduct in redrawing the state’s congressional districts.
Published: 08/02/14

Editorial: Flogging corporate deserters

President Obama wants to lash “corporate deserters” — companies that move overseas to avoid U.S. taxes — with penalties and additional regulations.
Published: 08/02/14

Editorial: Airlines want a return to bait-and-switch tactic

Motorists looking to fill their tank know the cost for a gallon of gasoline before pulling into the station. The prices, including federal and state taxes, are posted on roadside signs and at the pumps.
Published: 08/04/14

Editorial: Growing bus demand makes a good case for Greenlight Pinellas

The record bus ridership numbers the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority is posting this summer make a pretty good argument that expanded bus service under the Greenlight Pinellas plan is a good idea.
Published: 08/03/14

Editorial: Our picks for the primaries

Here are our recommendations for the Aug. 26 primaries.
Published: 08/03/14

Editorial: Deciding the president’s authority

President Barack Obama and Democrats clearly are not taking House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to file suit against the president seriously.
Published: 08/01/14

Editorial: VA fix a huge expenditure, but a worthwhile one

The bipartisan deal to spend $17 billion on the beleaguered Department of Veterans Affairs should help millions of deserving veterans get the timely health care they earned defending our country.
Published: 07/31/14