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Thursday, Jan 29, 2015


Editorial: Flush with cash, state should invest wisely

Projected to have a $1 billion budget surplus, Florida lawmakers should have little trouble complying with Gov. Rick Scott’s plan to increase public school funding and to further cut taxes.
Published: 01/12/15

Editorial: Leave college presidents in control of guns on campuses

Two state lawmakers are pursuing legislation that would allow the holders of concealed weapons permits to carry their firearms on college campuses.
Published: 01/10/15

Editorial: The immigration dilemma

Western values such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press were brutally challenged in the terrorist attack that took 12 lives in the offices of a French satirical newspaper.
Published: 01/09/15

Editorial: Move by Big Brothers Big Sisters adds to Tampa’s momentum

The good news continues to wash ashore in Tampa. On Wednesday, former Mayor Pam Iorio officially announced that the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization that she now leads as president and CEO is relocating its headquarters to Tampa.
Published: 01/08/15
Editorial: TPD’s cautious approach to police body cameras worthy of support

Editorial: TPD’s cautious approach to police body cameras worthy of support

The Tampa City Council is expected to consider a request today to fund a pilot program that would equip 60 police officers with body cameras to record their interaction with the public when making arrests and performing other duties.
Published: 01/08/15

Scott stays on track

It was no surprise that Gov. Rick Scott’s second inaugural address Tuesday focused on cutting taxes and creating jobs. After all, the governor was re-elected largely due to his commitment to bringing new jobs and enterprises to Florida. And he...
Published: 01/07/15

Same-sex marriage now legal

Barring some unforeseen disruption, today it will be legal for gay couples to marry throughout Florida. It is a difficult issue for many, one that can bring into conflict individual rights, religious beliefs, cultural traditions and rapidly changing...
Published: 01/06/15

Tone deaf to human rights

Central to the concept of democracy are the rights to a free press and free speech — rights that are being cruelly abused in two nations, Cuba and Egypt, that are important to America’s foreign policy.
Published: 01/06/15

Editorial: FDA’s undiagnosed conflicts

It would seem obvious that a physician who is being paid by a medical-device company should not be judging whether to approve the firm’s device.
Published: 01/05/15

Editorial: Standardized school testing review long overdue

Several months after Gov. Rick Scott called for a comprehensive review of standardized testing in public schools, the state’s education commissioner is finally getting the effort underway.
Published: 01/04/15