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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015


Senators’ Iran stunt off base

Congressional Republicans have good reason to be dubious about President Barack Obama's efforts to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, and they are correct to highlight the dangers - to the United States and especially to Israel - of trusting that te...
Published: 03/11/15

Editorial: Preserve a Pasco County paradise

The northeast part of Pasco County is a jewel untouched by ugly and costly urban sprawl that has overtaken other parts of the county. It is a paradise of hills and green space where residents enjoy rural life - and farmers farm and ranchers ranch....
Published: 03/10/15

Revamping TIA’s legal structure

Members of the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority rightly want to eliminate an obvious conflict in its legal structure, but the proposed solution is unlikely to eliminate problems.
Published: 03/09/15

Editorial: Selling Florida’s soul

Don’t believe the spin that a massive Florida House gambling bill represents a “contraction” in gaming.
Published: 03/08/15

Editorial: Hillary’s email practice raises larger questions

The excuses coming from the Hillary Clinton camp about her private email account are hard to swallow.
Published: 03/07/15

Editorial: Necessary warnings on Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech on nuclear negotiations with Iran to a joint session of Congress this week should give Americans — and the Obama administration — a lot to think about.
Published: 03/06/15

Editorial: Jolly shows way on Homeland Security

U.S. Rep. David Jolly of Pinellas and the 74 other Republicans who sided with Democrats in voting to fund the Department of Homeland Security through September and avert its partial shutdown deserve credit for their courage and foresight.
Published: 03/05/15

Editorial: Elia leaves behind an impressive body of work

The list of accomplishments Hillsborough County School Superintendent MaryEllen Elia leaves behind paints a picture of a tireless leader dedicated to advancing the performance of students and teachers under her watch.
Published: 03/05/15

In Tampa, the voters speak

With popular Mayor Bob Buckhorn facing only a write-in opponent, there was little drama and, sadly, little interest, in this year’s city of Tampa elections.
Published: 03/04/15

Editorial: A boost for Florida and Scott

Four years in office have not greatly sharpened Gov. Rick Scott’s oratorical skills, which even he poked fun at during his State of the State Address on Tuesday. But his tenure has sharpened his understanding of his adopted state.
Published: 03/03/15