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Friday, Apr 18, 2014


Editorial: Getting squeezed by gaming vice

Once again, Florida is facing outside pressure to expand gambling — and further expose residents and visitors to the dangers of this vice. Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers need to stand tall and say no.
Published: 04/10/14

Editorial: This past weekend’s traffic woes a reminder of need for transit options

A few potholes shouldn’t create the gridlock experienced by motorists heading into Tampa this past weekend. But that’s what happens when commuters and tourists are left with no choice but to climb behind the wheel of a car when attempti...
Published: 04/09/14

Editorial: Stadium funding proposals deserve support

It seems only fair that professional sports teams should be required to compete among themselves when asking for public money to build a new stadium or make improvements to existing ones.
Published: 04/08/14

Editorial: Scott pressures VA

We are glad to see Gov. Rick Scott pressure the federal Department of Veterans Affairs to come clean on reports of deaths and injuries that resulted from test delays at VA hospitals.
Published: 04/05/14

Editorial: Listen to Isabella’s mother, and fix special needs issues

Lisa Herrera wants Hillsborough school administrators to keep her daughter in their minds as they consider changes to the district’s transportation department and assess the care given to special-needs students.
Published: 04/05/14

Editorial: The ‘safety net’ has holes

The Florida Legislature appears intent on hijacking health funds from Hillsborough and other counties that have been proactive in meeting their health-care needs, while also undermining the state’s vital “safety net” hospitals.
Published: 04/07/14

Editorial: Court upholds free speech

Given all the cash that flows into political campaigns and the endless barrage of negative ads it generates, it is easy to view last week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling easing campaign finance restrictions as a concession to the powerful moneyed ...
Published: 04/06/14

Editorial: ‘Warning shot’ law not deserving of Scott’s signature

State lawmakers should be looking for ways to eliminate the ambiguities surrounding the “stand your ground” law, not adding to the ways the law might be used by those undeserving of its protections.
Published: 04/04/14

Editorial: Untie civil service knot

Hillsborough County constitutional officers, the county commission and the county administrator all agree: Civil service is a bureaucratic logjam.
Published: 04/03/14

Editorial: A traitor to America deserves prison, not freedom

The Middle East peace process will always be difficult, but it may have reached such a new level of complexity that it could result in the United States freeing a convicted Israeli spy serving a life sentence in an American prison.
Published: 04/02/14