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Saturday, Apr 25, 2015


Editorial: Like Americans, British voters weary of party status quo

Here in the United States, candidates for president in the 2016 election are busy lining up supporters, collecting campaign funds and mapping their strategies.
Published: 04/15/15

Rubio joins the fray

He is young and his accomplishments relatively modest, but don’t underestimate U.S. Sen. Marco’s presidential campaign.
Published: 04/14/15

Editorial: Reject plan to allow bear hunts

At its meeting Wednesday in Tallahassee the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is expected to vote on a misguided plan to legalize bear hunts in Florida.
Published: 04/14/15

Editorial: Get tough with fishing pirates

Bipartisanship may be hard to achieve in Washington these days, but everyone in Congress should recognize the need to confront the foreign fishing pirates who are invading American waters and ravaging Gulf of Mexico fish species.
Published: 04/13/15

Editorial: Don’t regulate Uber, Lyft out of Hillsborough County

There may be room for an argument about whether Uber and Lyft, the popular ride-sharing services, should be defined as traditional taxi companies or as technology companies that use smartphone apps to connect drivers with customers.
Published: 04/12/15

Editorial: Worry about voters, not bureaucrats

A microphone picked up a frustrated Pinellas Sen. Jack Latvala calling Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner’s testimony about online voter registration as “so much ...” — with Latvala using a salty term to finish his com...
Published: 04/11/15

Editorial: High-profile police shootings add compelling argument for body cameras

The chilling video that shows a South Carolina police officer fatally shoot an unarmed man in the back adds another compelling argument for equipping police officers with body cameras.
Published: 04/10/15

Editorial: Reform greyhound racing

It is good news that Hillsborough state Rep. Dana Young and the House leadership have apparently given up on a gambling bill that would allow two massive destination casinos in South Florida and enact other measures that would promote the gambling in...
Published: 04/09/15

Editorial: State Senate has superior prison plan

Republican leaders in the Florida House oppose an independent oversight committee included in the Senate’s prison reform legislation, claiming it would be “another layer of bureaucracy.”
Published: 04/07/15

Editorial: An about-face for Gov. Scott

Gov. Rick Scott’s frustration with federal officials who are playing hardball with the state over federal funds for hospitals that serve low-income patients is understandable. But his abrupt reversal on his support for Medicaid expansion is un...
Published: 04/06/15
Updated: 04/07/15