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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015


Editorial: Leave decisions on campus guns to local authorities

Two campus gun bills making their way through the Legislature have plenty in common and one significant difference.
Published: 03/21/15

Editorial: Cut costs, improve accuracy with online registration

It is encouraging that legislation to allow Florida voters to register online is progressing through the Legislature with bipartisan support. The change would eliminate errors and cut costs while maintaining strong safeguards against fraud.
Published: 03/19/15

Editorial: NFL rookie makes right choice to leave game behind

Chris Borland’s decision to walk away from a lucrative career in the National Football League should be another wake-up call for a league that has been slow to acknowledge the life-altering consequences associated with concussions.
Published: 03/18/15

Editorial: Florida without sunshine wouldn’t be pretty

State laws requiring that government conduct its business in public and that the records of official business be available for public inspection are as critical to the functioning of our government as fair elections and a free press.
Published: 03/18/15

Stunning disregard for voters’ will

The disconnect between Florida lawmakers and voters is strikingly displayed in legislators’ response to Amendment 1.
Published: 03/16/15

Editorial: Moving toward charter school accountability

Charter school opponents have long complained that the privately run schools are allowed to operate in virtual secrecy.
Published: 03/16/15

Editorial: Funding county’s environmental lands program should be a priority

The construction industry is on the rebound in Hillsborough County, and that is mostly good news as county commissioners consider spending priorities for an annual budget that will top $3 billion.
Published: 03/15/15

Editorial: The Venezuela-Cuba connection

As if he didn't have enough on his plate defending his embattled presidency at home, seeking to stymie the Islamist jihadists in Syria and Iraq and coping with myriad other crises at home and abroad, Barack Obama has added a war of words with a neigh...
Published: 03/14/15

Editorial: More excitement on waterfront

The Straz Center’s expansion plans will add more excitement to Tampa’s already dynamic waterfront and highlight the remarkable progress the city has made in reorienting downtown toward the water.
Published: 03/13/15

Editorial: Senate committee’s Medicaid expansion plan a worthy measure

A state Senate committee and Senate President Andy Gardiner deserve credit for backing a common-sense bill that uses conservative principles to provide health insurance to more than 800,000 low-income Floridians.
Published: 03/12/15