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Friday, Nov 21, 2014


Editorial: Obama’s Internet invasion

Leave it to President Obama to try to lasso the galloping freedom of the Internet with the “strongest possible rules.”
Published: 11/12/14

Editorial: A pipeline to better relations

Fresh off their resounding victory last week, Republican leadership quickly announced approval of the Keystone XL pipeline would be a priority.
Published: 11/11/14

Editorial: Battling Georgia for water

It is encouraging that the U.S. Supreme Court has indicated it will hear Florida’s lawsuit against Georgia concerning water diversions from Apalachicola Bay.
Published: 11/10/14

Editorial: Broader horizon for Gov. Scott

Gov, Rick Scott can credit both of his narrow campaign victories to a compelling message about creating jobs in a state devastated by the economic recession.
Published: 11/09/14

Editorial: Ybor hotel project one to cheer

News that some of Tampa’s most noted architects and builders will turn a highly visible street corner in Ybor City into an upscale hotel that pays homage to the area’s unique history is another welcome development in an area now burstin...
Published: 11/08/14

Editorial: Muslim leaders should respect need for FBI visits

Tampa may have had its own ground zero along Howard Avenue had concerned Muslims not informed law enforcement that someone they knew might pose a danger to our community because of his extremist views.
Published: 11/07/14

The voters’ clear message

Only a couple of years ago, commentators were confidently predicting the nation’s changing demographics would doom a Republican Party that appealed mostly to older, white male voters. The Democrats, the argument goes, would become predominant ...
Published: 11/06/14

Scott keeps his job

This is Florida, so there may be some controversy about the vote count, but Republican Gov. Rick Scott looks to have won re-election over Democrat Charlie Crist.
Published: 11/05/14
Tribune endorsements for Nov. 4 election

Tribune endorsements for Nov. 4 election

The Tampa Tribune's editorial staff will be offering their endorsements on various local and statewide races leading to the Nov. 4 election. Here are their recommendations:
Published: 10/30/14
Updated: 11/04/14

Editorial: Getting campaigns out of the gutter

Florida’s airwaves should return to normal tomorrow and that’s a relief for every Floridian within earshot of a television or radio. The political season began with a special congressional election in Pinellas County in March, moved thr...
Published: 11/03/14