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Thursday, Jul 02, 2015


Editorial: State should delay move to allow bear hunts

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will meet Wednesday to take its final vote on a plan that would allow the seasonal hunting of black bears to maintain a healthy population and minimize the number of conflicts with humans.
Published: 06/22/15

Editorial: Fits, frustration mark 2015 legislative session

If the regular session of the Legislature ended in a surprising fit of petulance, the special session ended mildly, with the House and Senate agreeing on a $78.7 billion budget Friday.
Published: 06/21/15

Editorial: Pope Francis makes right move in holding bishops accountable

Pope Francis has taken an admirable if overdue step in creating a tribunal to deal with bishops accused of covering up for priests suspected of sexual abuse against children.
Published: 06/20/15

Editorial: Senseless shootings leave questions, few answers

Joseph Riley, the mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, was right on the mark Thursday when he called the mass murder of innocent people inside a historic black church the work of “a deranged and hateful mind.”
Published: 06/19/15

Editorial: Green light for USF, economy

This has been a memorably churlish legislative session, with the House and Senate feuding much of the time, so it was gratifying to see local leaders in both governing bodies work together on behalf of projects critical to the University of South Flo...
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Amendment 1’s intent ignored

The Florida Legislature was back to its old lottery tricks this special session, doing as they wish with Amendment 1 dollars without regard for citizens’ will or the law.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Lightning’s exciting playoff run energizes city

You know there’s some magic in the air when a team is playing more than a thousand miles from home but its fans fill the local arena to watch them on a video screen.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Jeb Bush can be himself

As he geared up for the 1960 presidential election, John Kennedy told friends, “This political campaign won’t tire me, for I have an advantage. I can be myself.”
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Move with deliberate speed on Hillsborough ferry project

As with all things related to transportation planning in the Tampa Bay area, the effort to bring a commuter ferry service to south Hillsborough County has become mired in complications and controversy.
Updated one month ago
Editorial: Don’t put state parks out to bid

Editorial: Don’t put state parks out to bid

Everywhere we look, Florida lawmakers and other state officials are turning their backs on Florida’s lifeblood — the environment.
Updated one month ago