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Thursday, Aug 21, 2014


Editorial: State should acknowlege Dozier reform school abuses

George Owen Smith was 14 when he disappeared from a reform school for boys in 1940. His family’s initial attempts to determine what happened were dismissed by the warden, who suggested he must have run away from the school.
Published: 08/14/14

Editorial: Keep Florida on right environmental path

Although the Florida’s governor race so far has been dominated by personal attacks and negative ads, there is one positive development.
Published: 08/13/14
Editorial: Extend no-wake zones north up the Hillsborough River

Editorial: Extend no-wake zones north up the Hillsborough River

This morning, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Columbia Restaurant owner Richard Gonzmart and other dignitaries are scheduled to cut the ribbon for Water Works Park, which along with the adjacent Ulele restaurant is likely to bring more focus on the oft-neg...
Published: 08/12/14

Editorial: Democracy not always path to peace

Americans like to believe that democracy is the best path to political stability in an increasingly unstable and dangerous world. That is understandable, given our nation’s success.
Published: 08/11/14

Editorial: Amendment 2 would unshackle unsafe drug

Polls indicate Florida voters are overwhelmingly in favor of a constitutional amendment that will legalize the medical use of marijuana.
Published: 08/10/14

Editorial: Our picks for the primaries

Here are our recommendations for the Aug. 26 primaries.
Published: 08/10/14

Editorial: Attacking evil in Iraq

The Obama administration’s wobbly foreign policy is often and rightly criticized, but in authorizing military action against the ruthless Sunni jihadists surging through Iraq the president did what had to be done.
Published: 08/09/14

Editorial: Plaudits for Salcines

Former prosecutor and retired Judge E.J. Salcines loves the law almost as much as he loves Tampa history. So it is gratifying to see his considerable legal contributions be recognized by the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association.
Published: 08/09/14

Editorial: Families deserve education options

The courts will determine whether the teachers’ union lawsuit against voucher legislation passed late in the Florida Legislature’s session has merit.
Published: 08/08/14

Editorial: Pinellas commissioners make wise choice for new administrator

Pinellas County commissioners made a wise decision Tuesday to hand the county’s top administrative job to Mark Woodard, a longtime assistant administrator who impressed everyone after being handed the job four months ago on a temporary basis.
Published: 08/07/14