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Friday, Dec 19, 2014


Editorial: Rays stadium agreement offers best chance to keep team in this market

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman has struck a reasonable deal with the Tampa Bay Rays that compensates the city while giving the team the freedom to search for the best site for a new baseball stadium.
Published: 12/10/14

Editorial: Carroll right man for a tough job

Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to remove the “interim” tag from Mike Carroll’s position as head of the Florida Department of Children and Families on Monday was correct on many levels. And for Carroll to want to continue servi...
Published: 12/10/14
Editorial: A disgraceful display

Editorial: A disgraceful display

Those upset about the recent failure of grand juries in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York to indict police officers in the deaths of two black men are well within their rights to protest.
Published: 12/09/14

Editorial: Russia on the precipice

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who loves to strut on the world stage, appears intent on regaining his nation’s lost stature. But the reality is that Russia is a nation in decline.
Published: 12/09/14

Editorial: Realizing the film industry’s potential

Pinellas Sen. Jack Latvala understands the importance of growing the film industry in Florida.
Published: 12/08/14

Editorial: Clear the dark clouds over solar energy production in Florida

It seems only natural that solar power will play a meaningful role in providing for Florida’s future energy needs. The price to produce solar power is dropping as the technology for harnessing and storing the sun’s energy advances.
Published: 12/07/14

Editorial: Public partnerships for sports complex a worthy goal

Building and operating a large public sports complex can attract sports events that will boost the economy, but also can be a drain on taxpayers. The tournaments played on the fields don’t always generate enough revenue to pay for the maintena...
Published: 12/06/14

Editorial: Rid Davis Islands Seaplane Basin of derelict boats

On the surface, it appears not much has happened in the year since the city began tagging boats that appear to be illegally moored in the Davis Islands Seaplane Basin.
Published: 12/05/14

Editorial: Expanding USF’s medical reach

Most of the attention on the proposal to move the University of South Florida medical school to downtown Tampa understandably has focused on how the project would attract people and enterprises to the city’s urban core.
Published: 12/04/14

Editorial: Group calls for sensible reforms to Florida’s corrections system

The recent resignation of yet another Department of Corrections secretary, and the deaths of a number of inmates who appear to have been grossly mistreated, signal systemic problems that won’t be solved by the appointment of a new corrections ...
Published: 12/03/14