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Friday, Jan 30, 2015


Editorial: Right direction on conservation funding

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s budget proposal gives lawmakers a clear direction to follow both on the Everglades and Amendment 1.
Published: 01/30/15

Editorial: Professional sports subsidies bring many good returns

It’s impossible to know exactly how spring training affected Florida’s growth over the past century. What is certain, though, is that millions of people across the country were introduced to the Sunshine State through the annual basebal...
Published: 01/29/15

Editorial: Cut communications tax with care

Florida has the highest communications tax in the nation, so Gov. Rick Scott has good reason to want to cut it. Lawmakers should go along with his proposal but should take care, as Scott did, to leave alone the local portion of the tax, which is esse...
Published: 01/28/15

Editorial: Retreating from a dangerous world

Presidents often must make decisions that have enduring consequences, and that is certainly the case now with American foreign policy.
Published: 01/27/15

Editorial: Helping pay to enjoy the outdoors

A federal tax increase is the last thing on the agenda of the Republican-dominated Congress, and that’s a good thing. We don’t want Washington siphoning more money from families, and the GOP majority is right to look at ways to ease the...
Published: 01/26/15

Editorial: Retain limits on judicial campaign solicitations

U.S. Supreme Court justices seemed skeptical last week when listening to an attorney argue in favor of retaining a Florida rule that bans judicial candidates from personally soliciting campaign contributions.
Published: 01/25/15

Editorial: Investigate FDLE affair

Gov. Rick Scott has a growing scandal on his hands, and he has no one to blame but himself. If he had been more diligent — and forthright — about ousting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement chief, he might have been spared an unse...
Published: 01/23/15

Editorial: Efforts to build a community in area around USF, Busch Gardens deserve support

Anyone exiting I-275 on their way to the University of South Florida or Busch Gardens knows how shoddy the area looks from the street. Fast-food joints, motels, bars, vacant lots and empty buildings line the roadways, which border some of the county&...
Published: 01/23/15

Editorial: Obama flunks community college course

President Obama said some nice things in his State of the Union Address about how, regardless of our individual political beliefs, we are all Americans and should work together for the common good.
Published: 01/21/15

Editorial: Firing Elia makes no sense

The School Board’s vote Tuesday to terminate Superintendent MaryEllen Elia’s contract deals a serious blow to the district’s credibility at a time when it has become a model for other school districts far and wide.
Published: 01/21/15