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Thursday, Dec 25, 2014


Editorial: The Christmas Miracle

Some believe that it’s just human nature to stage a winter festival. It’s the darkest time of year, so it makes sense folks would want to brighten things up.
Published: 12/25/14

Editorial: Thin response to titanic leak

The electronic burglary of Sony’s data banks is an event of more significance than suggested by either the government’s subdued response or by the pointless criticism that the company should have ignored chilling threats to audience saf...
Published: 12/24/14

Letter of the day: Economic sanctions miss the mark

So Russian President Vladimir Putin is acting up again — hit him with more sanctions. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is creating more economic havoc. The solution? More sanctions. This would be quite understandable except for one unavoida...
Published: 12/23/14

A tragic weekend

It may be unfair to link the recent anti-police brutality protests to the fatal shootings of three police officers over the weekend, but their deaths provide tragic evidence of the dangers of a job that requires constant vigilance and instant life-an...
Published: 12/23/14

Editorial: St. Petersburg City Council members should reconsider Rays stadium vote

The five members of the St. Petersburg City Council who voted against the stadium search agreement with the Tampa Bay Rays can’t be faulted for raising valid concerns in the interest of the taxpayers.
Published: 12/20/14

Editorial: Nation needs to treat mental illness as a crisis

What will it take to get this country to treat mental illness as the national crisis it has become?
Published: 12/21/14

Making pedestrian safety a priority

It is encouraging to see the Florida Sheriffs Task Force undertake an aggressive initiative on pedestrian safety.
Published: 12/22/14

Editorial: Scott should end costly legal fight to keep flawed drug-testing law

In his first run for governor four years ago, Rick Scott campaigned on a promise to force welfare recipients to undergo drug tests before receiving state benefits.
Published: 12/19/14

Editorial: A way to advance freedom in Cuba

It is possible that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is correct in warning that establishing relations with Cuba will “do absolutely nothing to further human rights and democracy in Cuba” and could provide “the economic lift that the Cas...
Published: 12/17/14

Editorial: Vinik’s plan for Channel District is a perfect fit

People living in Tampa a generation from now may look back at yesterday’s unveiling of the Channel District’s master plan as the start of a metamorphosis for the entire downtown.
Published: 12/17/14