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Sunday, Jul 05, 2015


Editorial: Appreciating the pope’s encyclical

Many conservative commentators are incensed by Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment. Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh calls it a Marxist rant, and columnist Cal Thomas accuses the pope of joining the environmental “cult.”
Published: 07/05/15

Editorial: The Steinbrenner legacy

It is difficult to believe that it has been almost five years since New York Yankees owner and proud Tampa resident George Steinbrenner died. Yet his influence — and example — continues to benefit the region.
Published: 07/04/15

Changing of guard at EPC

The Hillsborough County Commission’s hiring of Janet Dougherty as the new Environmental Protection Commission’s executive director stalled briefly when she raised questions about a contract provision that prevented political activity.
Published: 07/04/15

Editorial: Spend BP funds wisely

It is appropriate Florida will receive $3.25 billion for the environmental and economic damages it suffered during the BP oil spill in 2010.
Published: 07/03/15

Editorial: Another step toward Cuba

The United States’ isolationist policies toward Cuba have achieved little in more than 50 years, so President Barack Obama is justified in trying to thaw relations and bolster U.S. influence in the island nation.
Published: 07/02/15

Words of wisdom from Ohio about health-care expansion

We wish Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican leaders in the Florida House would consider the words of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a conservative who opposed Obamacare and who, much like Scott, has focused on tax cuts and creating a business-friendly environ...
Published: 07/01/15

Editorial: Seminole gambling deal the best option for Florida

Gov. Rick Scott should agree to the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s request to enter into a “dispute resolution” over the tribe’s gambling compact with the state.
Published: 06/30/15

Editorial: The real dirt on fracking

Though “fracking” has bolstered the nation’s economy and energy supply, polls show Americans are, at best, split over its merits.
Published: 06/29/15

Editorial: Targeting sprawl in Hillsborough County key to transportation planning

Sitting in traffic on State Road 60 in eastern Hillsborough County provides great insight into the folly of unrestrained growth that is guided not by sensible land-use policies but by the rush to develop the cheapest land available.
Published: 06/28/15

Editorial: Court recognizes public shift on gay marriage and homosexuality

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that the Constitution protects same-sex marriage may be based on somewhat shaky legal ground.
Published: 06/27/15