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Sunday, Aug 02, 2015


Chris Ingram: Boating builds character, so lay off missing boaters’ parents

A week ago today, 14 year-olds Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos of Jupiter cast off in their 19-foot boat to go fishing. The boys were later reported missing, and a search began that night. Their capsized boat was found without a trace of the boys on...
Published: 07/31/15

Why is Gitmo still open?

One of President Barack Obama’s first acts in office was to promise that he would close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay in order to “restore the standards of due process and the core constitutional values that have made this count...
Published: 07/30/15

A spy gets to walk

Jonathan Pollard worked as a civilian in U.S. naval intelligence when he carried secrets by the briefcase to the apartment of a secretary at Israel’s embassy in Washington. His arrest by the FBI made his case the most bombastic of 1985 —...
Published: 07/30/15

50th anniversary of Medicaid and Medicare truly worth celebrating

Fifty years ago, Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” created a healthier nation when on July 30, 1965, Medicare and Medicaid — the two foundations of government health insurance — were signed into law. Since then, m...
Published: 07/30/15

Medicare should be for everyone

When my Aunt Gerry was diagnosed last year with terminal lung cancer, my family and I got a close-up view of Medicare’s strengths as well as its shortcomings.
Published: 07/29/15

Should a third-party presidential candidate be allowed to debate?

There have been three significant developments since I last wrote about the prospect of a third-party candidate in the presidential election debates:
Published: 07/29/15

The problem with enviros

When President Barack Obama recently approved Shell’s request to drill in the Arctic, anti-fossil-fuel activists lobbied the Port of Seattle to deny docking rights to the oil giant’s Alaska-bound rig. That effort failed. Then activists ...
Published: 07/29/15

How to protect yourself from the peak of summer temperatures in the Tampa area

The peak of summer is here. The hottest summer temperatures for the Tampa area tend to occur from July 26-31, according to 30-year averages calculated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Published: 07/28/15

Fighting health-care fraud requires funding

While the federal health-care program is still a long way from providing insurance to every American who needs it, the program is apparently pretty good at covering people who don’t exist.
Published: 07/28/15

Karen Jaroch: A way to get the feds out of our transportation decisions

With all the talk about raising gas taxes, what if you could pay less at the pump? With passage of H.R. 2716 — the Transportation Empowerment Act — this could be possible.
Published: 07/28/15