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Saturday, Jan 24, 2015


Venezuela should be rich, but its government has destroyed economy

The problem with socialism isn’t that you eventually run out of other people’s money. It’s that you eventually run out of oil money.
Published: 01/23/15

The moral imperative of testing

Education Secretary Arne Duncan tells a story that was distressingly familiar for children of color before the implementation of the No Child Left Behind law. At his mother’s after-school tutoring program on the South Side of Chicago, he worke...
Published: 01/21/15

Obama’s policy proposals are anything but bold

You could look at President Barack Obama’s proposals in Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech as a bold set of prescriptions for a new Democratic agenda.
Published: 01/21/15

Ruth Marcus: A tale of two policies

WASHINGTON — This is a tale of two policies promoted by President Obama: one to make community college free, the other to provide for paid sick leave and parental leave. Both are well-intentioned efforts to address fundamental, economic-based ...
Published: 01/20/15

I let my 9-year-old ride the subway home and got labeled ‘worst mom’

Two Maryland parents stand accused of doing the unthinkable: They trusted their kids, 10 and 6, to walk home from the park. The children got about halfway there when someone saw them and called the cops.
Published: 01/20/15

High-stakes handshakes

During the early 1970s, no fewer than four justices of the Florida Supreme Court resigned following corruption scandals. There were attempts by justices to rig cases on behalf of campaign backers. In one instance, justices allowed a lawyer-lobbyist f...
Published: 01/20/15

Doing the right thing on marriage in the U.S. Supreme Court

It’s the U.S. Supreme Court’s job to resolve disagreements over the meaning of the Constitution. With its announcement that it will hear the appeal of state bans on same-sex marriage from Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Kentucky, it is do...
Published: 01/20/15

Michael Gerson: Design of the divine?

WASHINGTON — The biographer Eric Metaxas recently made waves by arguing that modern science increasingly “makes the case for God.”
Published: 01/20/15

A message that still resounds

It was late August 1963. I was 12. I remember my father calling me into his room. The radio was on, and I heard cheering. It was not a baseball game kind of cheer — it seemed louder and longer. It was a sustained roar.
Published: 01/19/15

Obama’s fourth quarter play calling

Here’s a quiz. Why did President Barack Obama take steps to normalize relations with Cuba? (a) To polish his legacy. (b) To improve the position of the Democratic Party for the 2016 election. (c) To weaken the Cuba lobby. (d) To show leadershi...
Published: 01/18/15