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Monday, Mar 30, 2015


Dominic Calabro: Recalculating class size in Florida

This year, $22.6 billion of taxpayer money will be spent to fund education in the Sunshine State. This significant investment of your hard-earned money makes up the second-largest budget category in Florida, falling behind only health care spending. ...
Published: 03/26/15

See through bad contact lens bill

As the chief of cornea and contact lens service at Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry, I specialize in contact lens fittings and know the good, the bad and the ugly of contact lens use.
Published: 03/25/15

Fix overbilling fiasco and pay back counties in DJJ dispute

It’s not hard to find a fight in Tallahassee. Indeed, Florida’s 2015 Legislative Session is showcasing plenty of policy fights on some of our state’s toughest, most intractable issues.
Published: 03/25/15

Time to bring Florida’s death penalty proceedings out of dark ages

Florida’s death-penalty process needs improvement.
Published: 03/25/15

Past time to adopt Medicare reform

House Republicans have no qualms about leaving millions of low-income Americans without health coverage, as evidenced by their repeated votes to repeal Obamacare. But they're so skittish about reducing access to Medicare, the federal insurance progra...
Published: 03/24/15

Ray Judah: Big Sugar’s big flip-flop

In 2010 the state of Florida made a deal with the sugar industry to secure land to clean up the industry's pollution and protect our drinking water. The sugar industry signed a binding written contract to sell the land, allowing the state to build a ...
Published: 03/23/15

George Will: Social inequality’s deepening roots

WASHINGTON - The rate of dog ownership is rising ominously. How can a profusion of puppies be worrisome? A report from the Raymond James financial services firm concerning trends in the housing market explains: Increasing numbers of women #x201c;are ...
Published: 03/22/15
Morris Kennedy: Confronting a shadow version of slavery

Morris Kennedy: Confronting a shadow version of slavery

In 1966 I conspired with four other delinquents to deface a prominent public landmark in my hometown. The estimated cost of the damage totaled about $25,000 in today’s dollars.
Published: 03/22/15

Sea power could eclipse sun in drive for green energy

Europe leads the world in solar-power installations, with about 60 percent of the global total. Germany's decision to shun nuclear power has propelled the industry's growth there: On a particularly bright day in the middle of last year, the sun provi...
Published: 03/22/15

Deb Tamargo: Florida lawmakers can address coming health care crisis

“In between the proverbial dog and the fire hydrant.”
Published: 03/22/15