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Thursday, Oct 23, 2014


Michael Gerson: For the GOP, no victory lap

WASHINGTON — On the theory that chickens should not only be counted before they hatch but killed, let us consider the downsides for Republicans of winning both houses of Congress.
Updated: 12 hours ago

Mike Fasano: Under Gov. Scott, it’s ‘Utilities Gone Wild’

Elections matter. The outcome of the governor’s race will determine who’s on your side when it comes to keeping your electric bill low, advancing clean energy — such as solar power — and tackling the climate change challen...
Updated: 12 hours ago

Al Hutchison: Some good news in the Muslim world we should take note of

Having worked as a journalist all my adult life, I recognize that not every news event can be deemed worthy of coverage; editors have only so much space or time at their disposal.
Published: 10/22/14

Carl Levin and James Inhofe: Why Ukraine should have U.S. weapons

When Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko spoke to a joint session of Congress last month, he thanked the United States for its assistance in confronting Russian aggression, and indeed, our country, along with our NATO allies, has done much. But Poro...
Published: 10/22/14

Climate wars

Conservative members of Congress may not be ready to acknowledge the reality of climate change, but the Pentagon sees it for what it is — a threat to national security. Last week, the Pentagon issued a report assessing the immediate dangers of...
Published: 10/22/14

The world’s population: How many are too many?

Earlier this month, a high-profile study using the latest United Nations data revisited predictions of global population size. The news wasn’t good: Updated estimates using new statistical analyses suggest the world’s population will hi...
Published: 10/21/14

As the price of oil falls, the gas tax should be going up

Whenever the price of oil spikes, it’s a sure bet that some U.S. politicians will propose another gas tax holiday. So now that oil has fallen below $85 a barrel, and with America’s highways and mass-transit systems starved for funding, ...
Published: 10/21/14

Max Richtman: For women retirees, it’s an unfair world

The demographic reality facing most American women in retirement simply can’t be ignored.
Published: 10/20/14

Jay Ambrose: Leon Panetta shines helpful light on the White House

Thanks, thanks and more thanks to Leon Panetta, a former congressman, secretary of defense, budget director, White House chief of staff and head of three different agencies, including the CIA — someone, in short, who knows his way around Washi...
Published: 10/20/14

For low-wage workers, public transit isn’t a lifestyle choice; it’s a lifeline

Do you resent the amount of time you spend in your car plodding through clogged roadways as you commute, shuttle kids to school and activities, buy groceries and do other errands?
Published: 10/19/14