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Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014


Lovie believes, but can McCown deliver?

Lovie believes, but can McCown deliver?

Late Friday afternoon, for the first time in 10 years, since he was with the Arizona Cardinals, four whole NFL teams ago, Josh McCown stepped onto a field for training camp as an undisputed starter, The Man at last.
Published: 07/26/14

Border crisis arrives; will commissioners flinch?

As irritating as the mess on America’s southern border has been, it was easy enough here in Florida to be regarded in the abstract. The surge of illegal immigrants from Central America, most of them unaccompanied minors, was Texas’ prob...
Published: 07/27/14

Governor’s lack of outrage is outrageous

Make no mistake, I am no softie on crime, nor do I believe that criminals should be coddled or treated with kid gloves. Those who break our laws should be held accountable.
Published: 07/28/14

Dungy a victim of liberal witch hunt

In many ways, the “sports” departments and the sports “reporting” of the major networks, a number of mainstream newspapers, a few major websites, and of course, some “sports” magazines have become nothing mor...
Published: 07/25/14

Amendment 2 is backdoor to legalize pot

HUDSON — If Amendment 2 did only what its proponents claim for it, Jessica Spencer would not have taken leave from her job in Manatee County, would not be crisscrossing the state in a one-woman education campaign, and absolutely would not rece...
Published: 07/25/14

Dungy’s comments rooted in faith, and that’s his right

One thing I am sure about is that Tony Dungy is not a homophobe, as many national news outlets have implied this week.
Published: 07/24/14

Don’t be snowed by the far left’s latest darling

Poor Hillary Clinton. First, she loses the 2008 Democratic presidential primary to an unknown community organizer from Chicago whose early mentors were a documented domestic terrorist and a convicted felon now serving time in a federal prison. Now, s...
Published: 07/23/14

New police chief is off to a good start

Back in September, candidate Rick Kriseman asked St. Petersburg mayor Bill Foster to hold off on naming a successor to police chief Chuck Harmon, who had announced his retirement, until after the upcoming election. Kriseman believed the next mayor sh...
Published: 07/22/14
Charlie Crist could gain in debate with Nan Rich

Charlie Crist could gain in debate with Nan Rich

Rich may not be piling up enough votes to win a primary, but she is making friends. That’s why treating her like an infectious mosquito is dangerous for Charlie Crist, writes columnist Joe Henderson.
Published: 07/21/14
Updated: 07/22/14
No #longform, but here are another 548 words on Bucs

No #longform, but here are another 548 words on Bucs

It's the Summer of Lovie, and after so much offseason discussion about the hiring of Lovie Smith as Bucs coach, Martin Fennelly says it's finally time to just watch him work.
Published: 07/20/14