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Friday, Apr 25, 2014

Steve Otto


Queena smiled when I wished her a happy birthday this week.
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Otto: As rail goes, Florida seems to be on a train to nowhere

There was a story this week that Amtrak was considering cutting a 600-mile stretch from its Southwest Chief that runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. The move would eliminate service to a dozen or more towns in Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico. Amtrak mi...
Published: 04/23/14

Otto: Hello to Bollywood

Are you feeling the excitement? Got the buzz? Ready to party?
Published: 04/21/14

Otto: Living here is a reason to give thanks

Once again, for the 37th year, which is all the years we have lived in this house, the gardenia bush next to our front door is decked out in gorgeous white flowers. You crack open the door and it’s as if someone dropped a bottle of cheap perfu...
Published: 04/20/14

Otto: When it comes to Florida schools, maybe it's time to start over

These days there seems little point in going to a public school and just sitting there taking tests when your child can be out there in the world working part-time jobs and contributing while learning a trade. Think of the savings!
Published: 04/18/14

Otto: It was a big week for the knuckleheads

A mother walking her 4-year-old child on a gorgeous spring morning in West Tampa has to be aware of certain things.
Published: 04/16/14

Otto: Skeeters show fishermen who rules Cockroach Bay

The purchase of Big Cockroach Mound last week by Hillsborough County comes a little later than it should have, but it still is a great deal for generations to come. ...
Published: 04/13/14
Updated: 04/14/14

Otto: Tampa still working on ‘Next Great City’ status

It wasn’t me who said it. It was the mayor, although I can’t remember where.
Published: 04/13/14

Otto: Pinellas Park suspects making a bad career choice

“Marquez Dunbar — career criminal.”
Published: 04/11/14

Otto: All you need is a little love, Jeb

It’s not likely Jeb Bush made too many points this week with his “a little love” defense of illegal immigration. Not that it is going to make much difference if he officially decides he wants to become the next president of the U...
Published: 04/09/14