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Thursday, Oct 23, 2014

Steve Otto Columns


The City of Lights seems to be dimming

“We’ll always have Paris” Bogey told Lauren Bacall. But he was talking about the Paris of pre-World War II when it must have been the place to be for writers, wanderers and anyone looking for a good time.
Published: 10/20/14

Crossing the Atlantic still stylish

All you had to do was tell someone, “Oh yeah, we’re going over on the Queen Mary 2,” and you’d get this look like, “Well, la-de-da ... It’s Mr. Big.”
Published: 10/12/14
In NYC, 9/11 legacy still towers

In NYC, 9/11 legacy still towers

The Millenium Hotel — other than “millennium” purposefully being misspelled — has a story to tell.
Published: 10/05/14

Silver Meteor is still a fine ride along the East Coast

At least Amtrak kept those great names. They echo like legends out of the American past — The Adirondack, The Coastal Starlight, The Empire Builder, the City of New Orleans.
Published: 10/01/14

President should pop by for sandwich, advice

It’s always an honor when the president of the United States comes to town. It also gives me a chance to check the stories of the reporters who follow him around, curious to see whether they say that he visited “Tampa” or “...
Updated: 1 months ago