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Friday, Dec 19, 2014

Howard Altman Columns

NOAA looks to build the next generation of hurricane planes

Kermit was bouncing around pretty good the last time I was on it, flying into the eye of Hurricane Irene as it was ramping up from a Cat 1 to a Cat 2.
Published: 12/14/14

Hostage rescue requires perfection, commandos say

Rescuing hostages is the most difficult of all special operations. It requires relative superiority to be almost simultaneous with mission completion — for any delay between relative superiority and mission completion provides the enemy an oppo...
Published: 12/07/14

Hybrid warfare used by Islamic State fighters is nothing new

The hybrid force of bandits, regular soldiers, and unregulated fighters used tactics ranging from fixed battle, roadside ambush and stolen military equipment to wreak havoc on the government’s army.
Published: 11/30/14

Father of killed Navy SEAL works to create retreat for vets

The day the helicopter went down, 30 American families were thrust into the depths of despair. And like nearly 7,000 others since the war in Afghanistan began in October 2001, and the war in Iraq 17 months later, they have each been forced to cope in...
Published: 11/23/14

All roads lead to Tampa: Pakistan army chief at MacDill for meeting with Centcom boss

The big news in Pakistan today wasn’t in Pakistan.
Updated: 1 months ago

Socom leaders interested in cloaking technology

In its never-ending search for ways to give commandos an edge in combat, U.S. Special Operations Command is looking to take a page out of the Harry Potter playbook.
Updated: 1 months ago

On Veterans Day, work to preserve memories of war

The 98-year-old stands ramrod straight at the Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, curls his right index finger into his palm and offers a boast no one in their right mind would take him up on.
Updated: 1 months ago

Nagata: Iranian spec ops general long a source of U.S. unhappiness

Iranian general Ghasem Soleimani, head of that nation’s Qods Force, has long been a target of American interest and unhappiness.
Updated: 1 months ago

Veterans aim to help teen amputee

Billy Costello has some advice for Lashawn Williams, the Northeast High School defensive lineman who needed his right leg amputated after a freak injury during a game last week
Updated: 1 months ago

Internet thief picked the wrong guy

The Marine veteran lives in Wauchula, commutes to Tampa for his full-time job as a firefighter with Tampa Fire Rescue and also works at South Bay Hospital on his days off.
Updated: 1 months ago