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Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014

Tom Jackson

A cynical, horrifying assault on the First Amendment

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Published: 07/13/14
Updated: 07/14/14
Noodling with a more buoyant plan

Noodling with a more buoyant plan

SAN ANTONIO — Everything Bill Schroder learned from three years as commissioner of a charity golf tournament with an unwieldy name fits, appropriately, in a mollusk shell. Which is appropriate, because, all in all, he’d rather go scallo...
Published: 07/11/14

Governments grow; Pasco delivers proof

The first draft of the latest Pasco County budget, including appendices, stretches 327 eye-glazing pages, and it probes such topics as interfund transfers, contingencies and object codes. It is, in other words, not what anyone would mistake for a bea...
Published: 07/11/14

The left's calculated Hobby Lobby hokum

Among the best things about the modern world of social media is we no longer have to guess what our political opposites are thinking — using the term expansively, because in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court's aggressively misinterpreted ...
Published: 07/06/14

Rebuking naysayers in D'Souza's 'America'

WESLEY CHAPEL — The problem with the movie “America” is not its rather long and somewhat misleading subtitle. No. The problem with “America: Imagine The World Without Her” is it's unlikely to be seen by those to whom the...
Published: 07/06/14

Don Porter, an American visionary

Don Porter had a voice like barbed wire being dragged through a barrel of river gravel, and a John Wayne squint that always seemed to be taking in the horizon....
Published: 07/03/14
Updated: 07/04/14

The importance of what Cheney got right

The abrupt reappearance of Dick Cheney on the national scene is as good a time as any to note how the former two-term vice president is like pregnancy:...
Published: 06/30/14

Lerner reliably reckless; Rubio redemptive

The Right Stuff blog updates throughout the week at TBO.com.
Published: 06/29/14

Prudence, not prohibition, guides school district

Let's start by opening the most ginormous possible umbrella. Think of a golf bumbershoot large enough to accommodate Tiger Woods, his caddy and his entire swooning welcome-back entourage. That's where the following phrase belongs: ...
Published: 06/29/14

Less ‘beyond the pale’ than Crist claims

Charlie Crist, Florida’s political Plastic Man, finally has an issue on which he can stand firm. Well, until he doesn’t, anyway. Like the president he fatefully hugged in the spring of 2009, all of Charlie Crist’s statements come...
Published: 06/27/14