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Monday, Oct 20, 2014

Douglas MacKinnon Columns


Blame falls on Charlie Crist for Fangate

For the sake of a better Florida, this newspaper rightfully endorsed Rick Scott for governor and articulated a number of reasons why it believed the sitting governor to be the better candidate. The paper even took the high road in its endorsement of ...
Published: 10/18/14

MacKinnon: TV doctors should exit stage left

For many Republicans or conservatives — often not the same animal — the fact that most who work in and control the mainstream media are liberal has become little more than white noise. It’s a law of the world they long ago learne...
Published: 10/16/14

Who is looking out for Jameis Winston’s future?

What is the long-term future and everyday life of an elite college football player actually worth to those who coach him, allegedly educate him or even love him and care for him?
Published: 10/13/14

What’s the point in voting? Someone, please show us

Other than the entrenched establishment on either side of the aisle and the sycophantic zombies who blindly support them, the upcoming elections are looked upon by almost every other American with pure dread.
Published: 10/11/14

‘No More Che Day’ a refreshing dose of reality

Be it in Tampa or just about anywhere in the country, it’s almost impossible to walk onto a college campus and not spot a student wearing a Che Guevara shirt in solidarity with the disenfranchised of the world. What is more troubling, pathetic...
Published: 10/09/14

Lessons learned from liberal throwdown over radical Islam

With all that is going on at the moment — from the Ebola media hype to the upcoming midterm elections — one of the most read stories and most watched clips in the country of late was the smack-down between liberal actor Ben Affleck and ...
Published: 10/06/14
Updated: 10/07/14

Secret Service woes show hiring should be based on qualifications

Thanks to Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” oppressive white males — at least momentarily before we are shouted down — are allowed to touch upon the ultra-politically correct subject of hiring based on diver...
Published: 10/04/14

Don’t take your cues from this wealthy spin doctor

For the last few years, the blood sport for the leadership of the Democrat Party, much of the mainstream media and a never-ending procession of wealthy liberal activists has been the character assassination of the Koch brothers. They have beaten that...
Published: 10/02/14

Most of us trust the police regardless of what Obama says

When I read a recent Associated Press headline and the accompanying story, I realized I was living in an alternate universe. A universe where respect for police and the highly dangerous, selfless and thankless job we ask them to perform — be i...
Published: 09/30/14

Good riddance to polarizing Eric Holder

Those in this country who still care about right and wrong, the rule of law and “justice” not filtered through the political shop of the Obama White House just received some very good news with the announcement that the incredibly unciv...
Published: 09/27/14