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Saturday, Sep 20, 2014

Douglas MacKinnon Columns


As 2016 nears, it’s Florida, Florida, Florida again

Every day the 2016 presidential election draws closer is another day Florida’s national prominence increases. Hence, the political mixed martial arts cage match between Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist. Both parties understand wh...
Published: 09/18/14

National debt is the big problem nobody’s talking about

Those Americans who are fortunate to have a job in these uncertain times are doing more than their fair share to fund our nation. Even though a record 92 million Americans remain shut out of the work force, those still carrying the load paid a record...
Published: 09/16/14

Crist’s choice on vouchers may cost him on Election Day

With less than two months to go before the election, Charlie Crist may have made a fatal mistake.
Published: 09/13/14

Obama shamed into action by his friends on the left

Was President Obama just shamed into going on national television to finally articulate a strategy to deal with the barbaric Islamic State group? Did a good portion of that shaming come from some in the liberal media, who prior to the horrific behead...
Published: 09/11/14

Political correctness slays another NBA business career

The insanity of liberal political correctness just claimed another victim. This time it is Bruce Levenson, owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team.
Published: 09/08/14

Tell Morgan that Amendment 2 isn’t for the people

You have to hand it to the folks from The Drug Free America Foundation. Not only did they take on trial lawyer John Morgan — arguably one of the most powerful people in Florida — but they did so in his own backyard.
Published: 09/06/14

America needs to deal with partisan hacks

There was once a horror movie with the tagline: “If this doesn’t make your skin crawl … it’s on too tight.”
Published: 09/04/14

Voucher lawsuit leaves Florida’s kids in a lurch

Seriously, what did poor and disadvantaged Florida schoolchildren ever do to the statewide teachers union and its special interest protectors for them to potentially condemn these innocent children to a life of misery?
Published: 09/01/14

The new Crist narrative doesn’t hold water

Prior to Tuesday’s primary, The Washington Post did a fairly major story on the race between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist. Why?
Published: 08/30/14

The real sea change should occur on campus

Recently, several liberal professors visited Gov. Rick Scott to brief him on the “closed” science of global warming.
Published: 08/25/14