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Thursday, Aug 21, 2014

Douglas MacKinnon Columns


Poverty is the enemy in Ferguson, Missouri

Humorist P.J. O’Rourke once referred to those who exploit or make a living off the misery of the poor as “poverty pests.” As of this writing, Ferguson, Missouri, has been overwhelmed by poverty pests trying to capitalize on trage...
Updated: 5 hours ago

This soldier’s heroism should not go unnoticed

How often do we pause to think about or express our gratitude for the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve in the Armed Forces? These young men and women are our first line of defense against evil and anarchy, and yet for many, their often her...
Published: 08/18/14
Updated: 08/19/14

Leadership a lost art on Capitol Hill

When, as a people, do we admit we are leaderless? What are the final tipping points that wake us to the fact that Washington is populated by people who look out for themselves first, their party second, and the people last?
Published: 08/14/14

Greed merchants growing like weeds around Amendment 2

As has been said, sometimes the only causes worth fighting for are the lost ones.
Published: 08/09/14

Nothing settled about global warming science

For more than two decades, Florida has been ground zero — or to be more precise, underwater ground zero — for many who worship at the house of global warming built by Al Gore.
Published: 08/07/14

Bookstore owner learns it’s ugly when liberals attack

Recently, I read a chilling article in the New York Times detailing what happens when liberals attack liberals for not strictly adhering to a “populist” ideology that they themselves only follow if it suits them.
Published: 08/05/14

Half-ball memories hit home

Think you are good at sports? Fancy yourself talented with a bat in a non-mob-enforcer way? Managed to hit a few home runs in Little League, high school or even college baseball?
Published: 08/02/14
Updated: 08/04/14

Israelis wish Kerry would just go away

In his never-ending quest to win the far-left Nobel Peace Prize, John Kerry has deliberately put the security of the state of Israel at greater risk.
Published: 07/31/14

Cuts to space program leave U.S. adrift

On July 20, a minuscule percentage of our population paused to celebrate or ponder the most glorious technological achievement in the history of humankind. That being the Apollo 11 moon landing and Neil Armstrong’s historic first step onto its...
Published: 07/28/14

Dungy a victim of liberal witch hunt

In many ways, the “sports” departments and the sports “reporting” of the major networks, a number of mainstream newspapers, a few major websites, and of course, some “sports” magazines have become nothing mor...
Published: 07/25/14