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Thursday, Jul 31, 2014

Joe Henderson

Nice move on health care for veterans, but what took so long?

Drop the balloons and release the confetti shower. We have a deal that could help veterans get better medical treatment.
Published: 07/29/14

Channelside plans a mystery for now, but let’s dream a bit, shall we?

Take a stroll along the shops on Channelside Drive, as I did one scorching, humid afternoon last week, and you might be tempted to think only a bulldozer can cure what ails that place.
Published: 07/27/14

Dungy’s comments rooted in faith, and that’s his right

One thing I am sure about is that Tony Dungy is not a homophobe, as many national news outlets have implied this week.
Published: 07/24/14
Charlie Crist could gain in debate with Nan Rich

Charlie Crist could gain in debate with Nan Rich

Rich may not be piling up enough votes to win a primary, but she is making friends. That’s why treating her like an infectious mosquito is dangerous for Charlie Crist, writes columnist Joe Henderson.
Published: 07/21/14
Updated: 07/22/14

Independence needed by inspectors in Tallahassee

Independence was a core principle for the Founding Fathers, as we know from all of the Fourth of July celebrations this week. It's in that spirit of independence that I come this morning to praise your state legislators.
Published: 07/05/14

Vinik’s the right guy for Channelside

We have had no shortage of people around here who think big, but the tough part is turning those ideas into reality. If Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik has shown us nothing else after arriving four years ago from Boston, he knows how to make big...
Published: 07/02/14
Updated: 07/03/14

Court’s ruling on contraception coverage was fair

While I support the idea that health care is a right for everyone and not a privilege for those who can afford it, the requirement in the Affordable Care Act that employers pay for women’s contraceptives was too much.
Published: 06/30/14
Updated: 07/01/14

Cheney used to be important; now he’s just pathetic

There is a reason you rarely hear former presidents harshly criticize the current occupant of the office. When you know what they know and have to make the decisions they make, you respect the weight of those actions more than anyone else could.
Updated: 1 months ago

Court’s phone privacy ruling nice, but they know everything anyway

The Supreme Court stood up for privacy rights this week with a 9-0 ruling that said police can’t search your cellphone without a warrant.
Updated: 1 months ago

Tampa’s oldest cigar family in fight with FDA for survival

You know how Tampa came to be known as the “Cigar City,” right?
Updated: 1 months ago