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Friday, Apr 18, 2014

Joe Henderson

Henderson: After 51 years, it’s time for equality on payday

At a time when pay for (mostly male) corporate CEOs has risen to levels even movie stars would envy, one could reasonably ask why the question of gender salary equality in the work place is even an issue. That notion of unequal pay for equal work sho...
Published: 04/13/14
Updated: 04/14/14
Henderson: Immigration talk proves Jeb is ready for a fight

Henderson: Immigration talk proves Jeb is ready for a fight

When it suits his purpose, Jeb Bush will go looking for a political fight. That is exactly what he did when he referred to illegal immigration as an “act of love” by families trying to find a better life in that giant melting pot known as...
Published: 04/12/14

Henderson: Sharpe set on changing HART’s focus

Mark Sharpe’s exasperation at the approach to mass transit by the HART board and Chief Executive Officer Philip Hale is not exactly news. He talks about it all the time. I don’t believe I’m too far off by saying Sharpe thinks HAR...
Published: 04/10/14

Henderson: The one who always helps now needs some help

I approached the nursing station at Brandon Regional Hospital late Sunday afternoon and said, “Hi, I’m looking for Efrain ...”
Published: 04/07/14

Henderson: At least Boomer now knows he was a dope

During nearly four decades of covering small-, medium- and large-sized sports for this great metropolitan newspaper, the only part I never liked was the caveman mentality that existed in some corners.
Published: 04/05/14

Henderson: Just what we need, more money in politics

If you've been thinking about investing in the exploding market for ear plug sales or television mute button manufacturers, Wednesday sounded the cavalry charge for action.
Published: 04/03/14

Henderson: Now it’s good Samaritan’s turn to receive help

Early last Tuesday evening, Efrain Sotomeyer was driving west on Interstate 4 with his wife and daughter when he noticed a woman standing by her stalled car near the McIntosh Road exit in Seffner. Most people would have kept on driving.
Published: 03/31/14
Updated: 04/01/14
Henderson: Athletes need protection,  can’t trust NCAA to do right thing

Henderson: Athletes need protection, can’t trust NCAA to do right thing

I love college sports, but I also understand big-time college athletics is a business.
Published: 03/30/14
Updated: 03/31/14

Henderson: School gun bill: Benign safety measure, or just the beginning?

On the surface, Senate Bill 968 and House Bill 753, which are moving through the Florida Legislature, seem relatively benign. They essentially would allow limited exceptions to the concealed weapons ban in public schools....
Published: 03/29/14

Henderson: Before we tax for light rail, answer some questions first

I'll begin today with a public service. To save my friends from the tea party the bother of emailing all their objections about any tax plan to build a light rail system and improve bus service, I'll state some of their points for them.
Published: 03/27/14