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Friday, Nov 28, 2014

Joe Henderson Columns


School changes show scope of South Hillsborough growth

Planners have warned for a couple of years that large-scale growth is coming to south Hillsborough County, so get ready. You know how it goes, though. For most people, stories like that barely register as they grapple with the routine of everyday lif...
Updated: 21 hours ago

There is always a reason for giving thanks

Celebrating a national day of thanks, as the nation will do Thursday, might seem a little weird right now.
Published: 11/25/14

Second term will tell us who the real Rick Scott is

Rick Scott’s sudden U-turn halfway through his first term as Florida’s governor had tires squealing, rubber burning and heads shaking as people tried to figure him out.
Published: 11/23/14

Our “leaders” turn governing into a bad reality show

That was quite a week as we watched those chosen to lead this great nation behave like they only represent the people who voted for them.
Published: 11/23/14

Henderson: Living afraid is not the answer

Random shootings never make sense, no matter where they occur.
Published: 11/21/14

Henderson: No event too big or small for Higgins and Sports Commission

If you’re wondering how national sporting events keep showing up in our town, I’ll let you in on a secret. Focus on a consensus-builder named Rob Higgins, executive director of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission.
Published: 11/19/14

Would Rays be big spenders with new stadium? Unlikely

People make some basic assumptions about why the Tampa Bay Rays need a new stadium, one close to the center of the market.
Published: 11/16/14

SEAL who said he killed bin Laden should have remembered oath

After they have stood up to physical training designed to break their bodies and psychological assaults to break their spirits, new members of the SEALs make a vow.
Published: 11/14/14

Could Tampa’s troubled streetcar service be an answer for downtown?

Everywhere you look in downtown Tampa, the talk is about growth. From the Channel District, to the west across the Hillsborough River, and stretching to the north past the new Waterworks Park, it’s all about what Tampa is going to be.
Published: 11/12/14

Time to see if Tallahassee is serious about the environment

In the just-completed election, more than 4.2 million Floridians voted to approve the Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative — Amendment 1, for short.
Published: 11/09/14