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Monday, Sep 22, 2014

Joe Henderson Columns


Blaming Crist for economy is a stretch

You have seen those ads on TV, and Rick Scott is absolutely correct when he says Florida’s economy disintegrated while Charlie Crist was governor. No one is saying it didn’t.
Published: 09/20/14

Commissioners change of heart on registry step in right direction

I won’t presume to say for sure what motivated four Hillsborough County commissioners on Wednesday to switch from “no” to “yes” on the issue of creating a domestic partner registry.
Published: 09/18/14
Updated: 09/19/14

Spankings teach fear, not discipline

I learned at an early age that when my father had a certain look and started fumbling for his belt, it would not end well for me.
Published: 09/17/14
What’s wrong with voting early? Nothing that I can see

What’s wrong with voting early? Nothing that I can see

Excuse me just a second, please. I have to finish something before I start this column.
Published: 09/15/14

Buckhorn focused on Tampa, not Tallahassee (not yet, anyway)

Bob Buckhorn has had a fine run in his first term as Tampa’s mayor, and his outlook for a second term may be even brighter.
Published: 09/14/14

Higginbotham attack ad story takes surprising twist

Like nearly everyone in Hillsborough County during election season, Al Higginbotham’s mailbox fills with advertisements asking support for one candidate, ripping another candidate, or any of the other gibberish to which we have all become accu...
Published: 09/12/14
Domestic violence not confined to NFL

Domestic violence not confined to NFL

Cases like Ray Rice's grab the headlines, but columnist Joe Henderson says domestic violence happens everywhere, and it must be brought out of the shadows.
Published: 09/09/14
Updated: 09/11/14

For reporters, answering highest calling can bring terrible cost

Freedom of the press is one of the pillars upon which the United States of America was built, and we definitely take that for granted.
Published: 09/07/14

State says one thing, the people say something else

Recently, I shared the plight of a Tampa man’s misadventures with Florida’s unemployment system. Robert Geller’s story involved escalating exasperation just to get his claim filed through the state’s $60 million Connect co...
Published: 09/05/14

Armed elementary school guards a sign of scary times

Elementary school students should spend their days learning ABCs and the basics of math. They should laugh, and share, and draw funny pictures that they show later to mom and dad.
Published: 09/03/14