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Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015

Joe Brown Columns


Florida’s specialty license tag program has gotten out of hand

I’m always on the lookout for out-of-state license tags this time of year. Between the snowbirds and spring breakers, I’ve seen plates from dozens of states and, of course, Canada.
Updated: 2 hours ago

Stadium’s value to area goes beyond economic impact

Before he became the ringmaster of hysteria on his syndicated talk show, Jerry Springer was a city councilman and mayor in Cincinnati. He stood out on the council in the early 1970s when he became the only member to vote against public funding for a ...
Published: 03/01/15

Honor Selma marchers by voting

On Feb. 11, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to honor with a Congressional Gold Medal the thousands of people who marched for voting rights in Selma, Alabama, nearly 50 years ago. The move to bestow Congress’ highest civilian honor pass...
Published: 02/26/15

Bragging about Florida weather good way to anger relatives

You may have seen the TV commercial sponsored by the state agency Visit Florida. There’s no voice, just written words.
Published: 02/22/15

It’s time for Florida lawmakers to let retailers sell tequila with tomatoes

Last week, like millions of Americans, I decided to buy a Powerball ticket. While I was shopping at my local Publix, there was one customer ahead of me at the lottery terminal when the machine went dead — probably a result of overheated demand...
Published: 02/19/15

Looking for income inequality? Go to the ballpark

The issue of income inequality has been much discussed of late by both Democrats and Republicans. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush brought it up in a recent speech in Detroit. Since there always are some people making more than others, I decided to get a...
Published: 02/15/15

Aid working poor; expand Medicaid

Not too much shocks me newswise these days, whether it’s senseless shootings locally or the barbarism going on in the Middle East. I’m not jaded, just realistic.
Published: 02/12/15

Spring training used to be simple

Late next week, Major League Baseball players will begin reporting for spring training. Florida and Arizona will be alive with fans who get a chance to see their favorite teams and, if you’re from the snow-laden North, soak up some warmth and ...
Published: 02/08/15

Write-ins create mess, cost taxpayers

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn is running for re-election — kind of. A better way to describe his “campaign” would be strolling to his next term.
Published: 02/06/15
Ernie Banks part of a dying breed

Ernie Banks part of a dying breed

When baseball great Mickey Mantle died in 1995, comedian Billy Crystal, a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees, commented that his childhood officially had ended, even though he was in his 40s at the time.
Updated: 1 months ago