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Friday, Oct 31, 2014

Joe Brown Columns


Thinking outside Ban the Box

The other day, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman announced with much glee, “We are banning the box,” making the city the latest government to join the Ban the Box movement on job applications for city workers.
Published: 10/29/14

Florida needs practical districts

After I voted early the other day, I felt like something was missing on my ballot. I thought about it while walking to my car when it suddenly dawned on me what it was: a congressional race.
Published: 10/26/14

Something worse than voter ID laws

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Texas’ voter ID law the other day, even after a lower court judge ruled it disproportionately affected minority voters in the state.
Published: 10/22/14

Spare change a small price to help others

Parking meters first appeared in American cities in the 1930s when the number of automobiles began to grow faster than the spaces that could accommodate them, particularly in downtown areas. Today they generate millions of dollars for some cities, an...
Published: 10/19/14

Competitive races missing in Florida

Last month, I flew to Iowa to spend time with old friends, take in some cooler weather and, I hoped, get a break from the political ads that seem to run incessantly on every TV channel.
Published: 10/15/14

Time to stop cluttering constitution

Back in the spring, I suggested in this space that local residents attend a seminar at St. Petersburg College on the medical marijuana amendment on the ballot this coming election. I also suggested that I likely would vote in favor of it.
Published: 10/12/14

Bone up on the race before you vote for Jany

The political telephone calls coming to my house have gotten so bad that I hardly answer my phone these days. I usually wait until the end of the day and fast-forward through the messages.
Published: 10/08/14

St. Petersburg-Clearwater airport is a local gem

The first time I took a flight out of St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport back in the 1990s, I was surprised, to say the least. I thought airports that size only existed in small towns, not right in the middle of a major metropolitan area. There were n...
Published: 10/05/14

It might be old, but it’s not worthless

On Friday, Apple debuted a new iPhone. In the days and weeks leading up to it, people camped out and stood in lines at electronics stores to purchase it. I’m betting that the model most of those campers currently own is less than a year old.
Updated: 1 months ago

Outsiders not best source of transit advice

Back in 2001, I was awarded a fellowship by the Western Knight Center for Specialized Journalism and attended a week-long seminar on urban issues at the University of California at Berkeley. I, along with a few other journalists, joked that it was th...
Updated: 1 months ago