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Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014

Joe Brown Columns


Second look at charter schools

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, a public charter school is defined as “a publicly funded school that is typically governed by a group or organization under a legislative contract (or charter) with the state or jurisd...
Published: 09/28/14

Did red-light cameras make streets safer?

In the 1984 sci-fi movie “Starman,” an alien lands on Earth and abducts a widow to help him travel cross country so he can rendezvous with his spaceship. One of the things he learns quickly about traffic lights is that green means ...
Published: 09/24/14

It might be old, but it’s not worthless

On Friday, Apple debuted a new iPhone. In the days and weeks leading up to it, people camped out and stood in lines at electronics stores to purchase it. I’m betting that the model most of those campers currently own is less than a year old.
Published: 09/20/14

Outsiders not best source of transit advice

Back in 2001, I was awarded a fellowship by the Western Knight Center for Specialized Journalism and attended a week-long seminar on urban issues at the University of California at Berkeley. I, along with a few other journalists, joked that it was th...
Published: 09/17/14

Get a grip on sagging pants

Although a lot of people couldn’t stand her, I liked Joan Rivers, who died on Sept. 4. Sure, she made a career of putting down other people, but her biggest target was always herself through her self-deprecating jokes.
Published: 09/14/14

Shouldn’t utility refund customers?

Of the toxic political ads that we have been bombarded with, and will be for about another two months in the gubernatorial election, voters probably are having a hard time figuring out whether former Gov. Charlie Crist or current Gov. Rick Scott is r...
Published: 09/10/14

Memos not enough to defeat racism

At a St. Petersburg City Council meeting a few weeks ago, union leaders and some city workers complained that black employees have been subject to discriminatory treatment, and that those who complained about it were subject to retribution from their...
Published: 09/07/14

Minorities suffer when districts drawn by race

A few weeks ago in this space, I wrote that the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately would have to decide on the redistricting lawsuit that threatened to put a wrench in Florida’s upcoming elections. The judge in the case pretty much let Florida ...
Published: 09/03/14

We should care enough to vote

Early voting for the Florida primary election on Tuesday has been under way for more than a week. A presidential commission formed after the 2012 election touted early voting as one of the best ways to get people involved in the political process and...
Updated: 1 months ago

Compassion must trump politics

The other day, while flipping through the 2,000 or so cable channels I receive, I came across “The Godfather, Part II,” which many critics consider better than its classic predecessor.
Updated: 1 months ago