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Monday, Apr 27, 2015

Joe Brown Columns


Keeping cable TV will cost a bundle

The Tampa Bay area is fortunate to have more than one choice when it comes to major cable TV franchises: Bright House Networks and Verizon. Many of my friends in other cities have to choose between one local monopoly and one of the satellite services...
Published: 04/25/15

Violence will continue until we come together to end it

It was good to see so many people out for the “Stop the Violence” march in East Tampa last Saturday. Along with Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Police Chief Jane Castor and members of the city council, the demonstration sent a loud and clear ...
Published: 04/23/15

Minimum wage floor still very low

The crowd that gathered on the steps of St. Petersburg City Hall to demand higher wages was one of three “Fight for $15” rallies across the Tampa Bay area and one of 230 nationwide. The signs — “No More Low Wages,” ...
Published: 04/19/15

Atlanta scandal offers educators, lawmakers lessons

For years, Atlanta public school students were victims of abuse at the hands of educators. They weren’t crimes of a sexual nature like many that have occurred around here, but even so the transgressions were shocking and offensive.
Published: 04/16/15

Human trafficking is still hitting close to home

In 2013, local PBS station WEDU broadcast a documentary titled “Too Close to Home” about human trafficking in the Tampa Bay area. It showed that behind our beautiful beaches and tourist attractions that draw people from all over the wor...
Published: 04/12/15
Suppressing commerce might not help Lightning

Suppressing commerce might not help Lightning

Tampa is on a winning streak when it comes to hosting sporting events that draw out-of-town visitors. The NCAA Women’s Final Four basketball tournament this week drew thousands who filled up local hotel rooms and restaurants, and it will be he...
Published: 04/09/15

Game over for domed ballparks

When it opened 50 years ago this week, it was hailed as an engineering marvel and nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world by evangelist Billy Graham. President Lyndon Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, showed up for the festivities, and the structure ...
Published: 04/05/15

If black lives matter, start snitching

The first three months of this year have been some of the most violent I can remember in Tampa, with 15 homicides, so far. In a 10-day span last month, three teenagers were gunned down, one of them a 14-year-old attending a birthday party.
Published: 04/02/15

Too much democracy in pier process

When I was growing up in Chicago, it was known as “the city that works.” It was a tacit tribute to Mayor Richard J. Daley, whose 20-year reign over the city was considered dictatorial but efficient. If he wanted something done, it happe...
Published: 03/29/15

Scamsters got me — and the IRS

I’ve never received large tax refunds. Even when working full time, I set things up so that I would get little back from the Internal Revenue Service. I always figured it was better for me to owe the government a few hundred bucks at the end o...
Updated: 1 months ago