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Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015


Water district can’t see forest for trees in surplus lands fiasco

The Southwest Florida Water Management District is considering a proposal to “surplus” 170 acres of Hillsborough County conservation land, mostly along the Alafia River.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Politics hijacks common-sense wage theft ordinance

It’s disappointing to see a worthy proposal that would protect some of Hillsborough County’s most vulnerable workers be hijacked by politics and miscast as an effort to grow government.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Huge hike in Tampa stormwater fees deserves consideration

Tampa’s perennial flooding problems need to be fixed, and a proposal by city officials that might result in a substantial hike to the city’s stormwater fees is deserving of serious consideration by the City Council.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Thanks to Congress, the country is less safe today

Congress has done this country a great disservice by voting to weaken one of our defenses against an enemy that is determined to exploit our security lapses and unleash terror in our streets.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Don’t blame the Lightning, blame those transplants from Chicago

Chicago fans upset over the Lightning’s decision to restrict ticket sales to Florida residents are misplacing their anger. A look at the population scoreboard reveals the real culprits.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: A contract too important to leave to chance

Leave it to Tallahassee to complicate what is clearly a pressing need — upgrading a state emergency radio system that has dangerous gaps.
Updated one month ago

A fair alternative to Medicaid

The Florida House is scheduled to vote today on a Senate plan to expand health insurance opportunities for the working poor, and all indications are Republican House members will meekly go along with their leadership’s unbending and politicall...
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Fight offshore drilling scheme

Sen. Bill Nelson is rightly raising the alarm about a proposal that would allow oil drilling 50 miles off Florida’s coast, and it is disappointing that so far he is getting no help from Marco Rubio, his fellow Florida senator and a presidentia...
Updated one month ago

Editorial: Lightning’s playoff run benefits entire region

With the drop of the puck tonight, the Tampa Bay Lightning will continue a deep playoff run that reveals the impact a professional sports team can have on an entire region.
Updated one month ago

Editorial: ‘You have to speak up’

Something is badly amiss when a teenager can be shot to death in broad daylight and his friends who witnessed the killing won’t cooperate with police.
Updated one month ago