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Thursday, Jul 31, 2014


Editorial: New law takes aim at data breaches that expose your personal information

Computer breaches put millions of Americans at risk every year to cyber thieves who hack into databases for passwords, PIN numbers, Social Security numbers and other personal information.
Published: 07/09/14

Editorial: Terrorism’s mystery man

For years, it seemed that we all knew everything we needed to know about Osama bin Laden, including, importantly, what he looked like. We want to know what our foe looks like.
Published: 07/08/14

Editorial: Put spending in deep freeze

Federal spending is always a target for those of us who believe Washington is too generous with other people’s money. But even the most liberal among us must look askance at some of our government’s spending practices.
Published: 07/07/14

Protect Tampa Bay and cruise ship industry

With the cruise ship industry now building massive megaships that won’t fit under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Port Tampa Bay officials rightly want to explore ways to keep from being squeezed out of the market.
Published: 07/06/14

Editorial: Don’t snuff out cigar industry

Arbitrary U.S. Food and Drug Administration rules may extinguish Tampa’s last cigar factory.
Published: 07/05/14

Editorial: Honor the Fourth by resolving to vote

For the people of any country, independence — that is, the freedom to control their own destiny — is an absolutely essential aspect of their national identity.
Published: 07/04/14

Editorial: By looking outside VA, Obama on right leadership path

Robert McDonald wasn’t on anyone’s radar as President Obama searched for someone to take command of the troubled U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
Published: 07/03/14

Editorial: Vinik’s bid for Channelside reason to cheer

Jeff Vinik is a community leader who spent $40 million of his own money turning the publicly owned Forum where his hockey team plays into a first-rate entertainment venue.
Published: 07/02/14

Editorial: A triumph for religious freedom

Liberals are characterizing the U.S. Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act ruling Monday as a threat to women’s health and workers’ rights. It is nothing of the sort.
Updated: 1 months ago

Editorial: Tampa’s growing medical hub brings many benefits

The opening of Quest Diagnostics’ national operations center is another big step in Tampa’s efforts to build a reputation as a place for medical companies to put down roots and contribute to the Tampa Bay area.
Updated: 1 months ago