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Sunday, Feb 01, 2015


Editorial: FDA’s undiagnosed conflicts

It would seem obvious that a physician who is being paid by a medical-device company should not be judging whether to approve the firm’s device.
Published: 01/05/15

Editorial: Standardized school testing review long overdue

Several months after Gov. Rick Scott called for a comprehensive review of standardized testing in public schools, the state’s education commissioner is finally getting the effort underway.
Published: 01/04/15

Editorial: Encouraging voucher victory

It is encouraging to see a judge toss a teachers’ union lawsuit against Florida voucher legislation that would be particularly helpful to parents of children with profound special needs.
Published: 01/03/15

Editorial: An economist’s smart talk on Obamacare

Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist who helped fashion the Affordable Care Act, recently gained notoriety for saying the law counted on the “stupidity” of voters, who could be tricked into believing it was not a tax.
Updated: 1 months ago

Hopes for the New Year

The joyous anticipation that greets the New Year usually dissipates by the time the holiday lights are stowed in the attic. After the toasts, fireworks and promises of fresh starts, we realize that the change in the calendar year won’t automat...
Updated: 1 months ago

Pakistan’s belated awakening

For years, the failure of successive Pakistani governments to deal effectively with that nation’s many religious extremists has frustrated not only the peace-loving citizens of Pakistan but also the nation’s allies, especially the Unite...
Updated: 1 months ago

Reform dog track regulations

It is appalling that Florida is one of only two states that does not require injuries to racing greyhounds be reported to the state.
Updated: 1 months ago

Editorial: The threat of deadly superbugs

A particularly scary story recently reported in the The New York Times illustrates the dangers of the promiscuous use of antibiotics.
Updated: 1 months ago

Editorial: Medicaid expansion plan deserves support in Tallahassee

We hope this upcoming legislative session will be the one when state lawmakers in the House finally give serious consideration to accepting billions of dollars in federal Medicaid money.
Updated: 1 months ago

Editorial: A sad but necessary end to the fabled Belleview Biltmore hotel

The indignity of the wrecking ball should in no way diminish the historic place the fabled Belleview Biltmore hotel has played in Pinellas County’s history, and in bringing the Tampa Bay area to the attention of the entire country.
Updated: 1 months ago