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Thursday, Apr 02, 2015


Letters to the editor: Scott’s welfare drug-testing plan an obvious attack on the poor

Hidden agenda
Published: 03/16/15

Letter of the Day: Immigration and the GOP’s political suicide

If you are like me you cringe every time Republicans talk about women and their bodies, but you shake your head in bewilderment when Republicans address the issue of immigration. I do not get it. Did they read their own autopsy after the 2012 demoral...
Published: 03/16/15

Letter of the Day: GOP senators ‘well within their rights’

Regarding “Undercutting the president” (Your Views, March 11): In our form of government the president is not a one-man band regarding treaties. The Constitution, Article ll, Sec. 2, requires the president to have the advice and consent...
Published: 03/16/15

Letters to the editor: Let history repeat itself

Let history repeat itself
Published: 03/16/15

Letter of the Day: Hillary Clinton should have known better

I watched Hillary Clinton’s press conference on Tuesday regarding her recent email troubles. I found it odd she began by discussing women’s rights and the Iranian negotiations. Perhaps this was a smoke screen. I listened to her explanat...
Published: 03/15/15

Letters to the editor: Foreclosure stimulus

Foreclosure stimulus
Published: 03/15/15

Letter of the Day: The United States and ‘limited’ wars

As someone who has been around the block a few times, I would like to comment on the question: Why are we not winning our wars?
Published: 03/14/15

Letters to the editor: Reject attacks

Reject attacks
Published: 03/13/15

Letters to the editor: Hatred of Israel

Hatred of Israel
Published: 03/13/15

Letter of the Day: For safety of Israel and our future, pick door No. 2

“Faceoff Netanyahu” (March 9) brought back memories of an old TV program called “Let’s Make a Deal.” Monty Hall used to offer the contestants the choice between door No. 1 or door No. 2. Depending on your choice, th...
Published: 03/13/15