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Friday, Sep 19, 2014
Health & Fitness

We Tried It: Cool Flash Pad from Cool Care Technologies



Available online at www.coolcaretechnologies.com; $19.99

The pitch: “The cool pad is a steady, lasting, and super comforting sensation which doesn’t blow air, make noise, or cost money to run. You can sleep coolly and save the environment at the same time.”

The skinny: Back in November, I tested The Chillow, a water-filled cooling pad, with mixed results. Though it worked, the diceyness of the plug and the thought of water pouring onto my bed at night made me too nervous to use it for what I really needed: a cool-down after a hot flash.

Cool Care Technologies’ Cool Flash Pad is similar in looks and has the same mission — to help bring down your temperature during night sweats or after a hot workout, or to soothe a migraine or sore muscles. But it doesn’t require nearly the same amount of setup as the Chillow: pouring in cups of water, waiting for the “foam core” to soak it all up (or not), trying to get the plug to stay shut.

The Cool Flash doesn’t take any setup at all; you just pull it out of the box and you’re good to go. It’s “pressure-activated,” so when you press it to your head (or leg, or neck), the gel inside starts to cool.

A little.

I was disappointed with that initial level of coolness — and how quickly it went away. So I put my Cool Flash Pad in the refrigerator. And that’s when I got what I wanted. The pad stayed cold for a couple of hours — and deliciously cool for much of the night. When I woke up with a hot flash two hours after going to bed, I grabbed it from the night stand and laid it on my pillow.

Ahhh. Sweet relief.

Another plus for the Cool Flash is that you can fold it up, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the fridge. And you can take it with you just about anywhere — on a trip, to the pool, to chemo treatments or the gym. If you refrigerate it like I did, it might sweat a tiny bit as time passes. But you don’t have to worry about puncturing it the way you do with the Chillow.

A downside is that the pad doesn’t come with a pillow case — and without one, it’s a little like sleeping on a plastic shower curtain. You can purchase a cover for $14.99.

Though it isn’t getting the same “As Seen On TV” hype as the Chillow, the Cool Flash Pad is the better product overall.

Kim Franke-Folstad

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