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Sunday, Apr 20, 2014

Medical news

Smoking out new dangers from second-, third-hand smoke

Smokey Bear, Smokey Robinson, Smokey and the Bandit — these smoky icons may be a few generations past their prime, but their impact on pop culture still survives. Unfortunately, so does second- and thirdhand smoke.
Published: 04/05/14
Study backs nonsurgical way to fix heart valves

Study backs nonsurgical way to fix heart valves

WASHINGTON – A new study gives a big boost to fixing a bad aortic valve, the heart’s main gate, without open-heart surgery. Survival rates were better one year later for people who had a new valve placed through a tube into an artery in...
Published: 03/29/14
Mother investigated over marijuana treatments for son

Mother investigated over marijuana treatments for son

A Fishhawk woman who believes a medical marijuana derivative will help save the life of her brain-damaged son is being investigated by authorities.
Published: 03/28/14

Mekeel ends 40-year career at Lancaster Newspapers

A man with a special vision: Pete Mekeel ends 40-year career at Lancaster Newspapers
Published: 03/27/14

Report: Autism estimate grows to 1 in 68 children

NEW YORK – The government increased its autism estimate on Thursday to 1 in 68 U.S. children.
Published: 03/27/14

Dallas museum takes art to the blind, and beyond

SMU's Meadows Museum in Dallas takes art to the blind, and beyond, for multisensory experience
Published: 03/26/14

It’s time to turn sour on sugar in your diet

From Austria to Zimbabwe and more than 43 countries in between, sweet soda (Frucade! GoGo!) is the drink of choice. But here in North America, we’ve taken it to a new level: Canadians down 27 gallons of syrupy liquids per person per year; Mexi...
Updated: 1 months ago

Shake off the salt for better health

Moviegoers love a good secret. There are more than 200 movies with the word “Secret” in the title — including, we kid you not, “The Secret Lives of Dentists” and “The Secret of the Ooze.” Those secrets...
Updated: 1 months ago

Get berry benefits without the tummyache

The Greek goddess Aphrodite was broken-hearted when she heard Adonis had perished. Myth has it her tears fell to earth as red hearts, and strawberries were created! This oh-so-good-for-you fruit delivers a phytonutrient called anthocyanins that can h...
Updated: 1 months ago

How to become the health influencer at home

They say that opposites attract, but if you scan a newspaper’s photos of couples celebrating silver and golden anniversaries, you’d swear the secret to a long and happy marriage is to wed someone who looks just like you. That’s b...
Updated: 1 months ago