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Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014

Dr. OZ

Get rid of pregnancy weight slowly, sensibly

It took Reese Witherspoon eight weeks; Uma Thurman did it in six weeks; and Heidi Klum hit the Victoria’s Secret runway only five weeks after delivering her fourth child. So, losing weight after a pregnancy isn’t so tough, right?
Updated: 2 months ago

Battery-powered headband approved for migraine prevention

Jay Silverheels portrayed Tonto in TV’s “The Lone Ranger” wearing a simple headband across his forehead. Johnny Depp amped up the character’s costume and topped off his movie-version headband with a dead crow. Critics said...
Updated: 2 months ago

Take note: Music can improve wellness, energy

If you ever wondered whether music could help protect your health, consider the life of Maria von Trapp — “Louisa” in “The Sound of Music.” The last of the singing von Trapp children, she passed away this year at 99...
Updated: 2 months ago