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Sunday, Dec 21, 2014

Government Salary Database

Salary database: Who's on your payroll?

Use this database, developed by The Tampa Tribune and TBO.com, to find and compare thousands of local government jobs in the Tampa Bay area as well as state jobs from across Florida. The information is updated annually, most recently in November 2013. It is provided to help you understand how your tax dollars are spent. Want to see an agency added in the next update? Email djoyce@tampatrib.com

Online Database by Caspio

How-to guide

See it all: Click "Search," above, to see the database of more than 280,000 names.
Narrow search: Fill in some or all of the fields, then click "Search."
Sort results: Rank them by clicking column headings atop results pages.
More details: Click employee's name for gender and race.

Q&A on the data

* What if salary is zero or a small number? Some employers said they couldn't calculate annual salary for certain part-timers. In these cases, click an employee's name to see "Base rate," which can be hourly, bi-weekly or monthly pay.
Is this all they make? In most cases, yes. But some bonuses aren't included here. Neither are most private salary sources.
Why is information missing? Some employers redacted information they deemed exempt from Florida's public records law.
Where's the tax collector? Hillsborough, Pinellas and Sarasota counties include most elective offices under one list. Other counties break them out, so they appear separately under "Employer."
Why do some names appear twice? They may have more than one job.

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