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New TV series picks for Tuesday

TBO.com Special Correspondent
Published:   |   Updated: March 18, 2013 at 01:22 PM

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DEBUTS: Sept. 25 (online now at www.fox.com)

Another odd couple comedy has Oscar winner Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson as grown siblings struggling with relationships. He's a loud goofball slacker and she's an overly cautious, slightly shy single mom. Together these misfits stand against the world.

TUNE OUT: In some ways the sibling connection is sweet but it's also disturbingly creepy at times. And Faxon's immature character quickly wears thin.


DEBUTS: Oct. 16

Who knew that working at a hospital is so like being in high school? Likeable Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep's daughter) stars as rookie intern at a Denver hospital. Her geek insecurities run rampant when she develops a crush on one doctor and finds a former high school nemesis is also on staff.

TUNE IN: While this isn't another "House," it's probably going to be fun for the young female audience that The CW courts.


DEBUTED: Sept. 11

"Friends" charmer Matthew Perry plays a glib, cocky sports radio star that is forced into group therapy over anger issues following the death of his wife. There he encounters eight social misfits and one touchy-feely group leader and potential love interest (Laura Benanti).

TUNE IN: This is the best thing Perry has done post "Friends" and the therapy goofy group is good for some laughs. Not great, but it has potential.


DEBUTS: Sept. 25

Mindy Kaling, a regular on "The Office," stars as a hapless OB/GYN who desperately longs for a romantic relationship. But her dates usually end in disaster. Kaling, surrounded by a strong supporting cast, struggles to pull off this madcap comedy.

TUNE OUT: Screwball or just screwed-up? This one is a major disappointment because Kaling is much smarter than the embarrassing material.


DEBUTED: Sept. 11 (online now at www.nbc.com)

In a comedy that has already sparked controversy, a gay couple, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha), hire a surrogate and single mom Goldie (Georgia King) to give birth to their child. Ellen Barkin plays Goldie's bigoted homophobic mother. The One Million Moms group is boycotting and a Utah NBC affiliate won't air it because of "explicit" content.

TUNE IN: Producer Ryan Murphy ("Glee," "Nip/Tuck") jumps into the culture war with an over-the-top comedy that has Barkin as a modern-day Archie Bunker saying things that will make some cringe.


DEBUTS: Sept. 25

Two familiar faces, Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, headline a crime drama set in the 1960s. Quaid plays real-life former Nevada Sheriff Ralph Lamb, a rough-edged good guy, and Chiklis is a Chicago mobster muscling into Vegas. It's Quaid's first TV gig since he was an unknown taking on bit roles in the 1970s.

TUNE IN: The pilot episode was disappointingly slow considering the high caliber talent here. But there's potential if they get rid of the clichés and pick up the pace.

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