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New TV series picks for Thursday

Walt Belcher Special Correspondent
Published:   |   Updated: March 18, 2013 at 01:40 PM


DEBUTS: Sept. 27

One of the most intriguing new dramas has Andre Braugher as a rogue nuclear submarine commander who manages to hold the world hostage from a remote island. When his sub is mysteriously ordered to fire on Pakistan, Braugher's character suspects something is fishy and refuses to obey. This leads to a confrontation that could lead to all out nuclear war.

TUNE IN: This drama starts out with a fascinating premise, set up in a tension-filled first episode with several mysteries. The question is: Can it sustain the suspense for a full season?


DEBUTS: Oct. 11

"Smallville" veteran Kristin Kreuk co-stars as Catherine (The Beauty) in an update of "Beauty and the Beast." Hunky Jay Ryan is The Beast. He plays Vincent, a war veteran who was part of a secret military experiment gone awry. His DNA has been altered and now he turns into a monster when his passions are aroused. On the run from the government, he becomes a vigilante and Catherine's protector.

TUNE IN: More like "The Hulk" than the fairy tale, this one falls under the guilty pleasure category and should appeal to The CW's young female audience.


DEBUTS: Sept. 27

Jonny Lee Miller ("Eli Stone") stars as a crime solver named Sherlock Holmes with TV and film veteran Lucy Liu as his Dr. (Joan) Watson. A recovering addict and former homicide detective for Scotland Yard, this Holmes has relocated to the United States where he helps a New York police detective, Toby Gregson (Aidan Quinn).

TUNE IN: Fans of the original Holmes mysteries might scoff, but like the other remakes (on PBS and the big screen with Robert Downey Jr.), this one works.

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