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Friday, Mar 06, 2015

Blood, Violence and Babes

A B-Movie Holy Grail by John Allman

If you’ve surfed the DVR pay-per-view options and seen a bunch of movies that you’ve never heard of, chances are John has watched them. Why? He loves movies. All kinds of movies. Good, bad, so-bad-they’re good, even the truly unwatchable ones. He mostly loves horror and science-fiction and drive-in exploitation movies that most upstanding model citizens wouldn’t dare watch. Then he writes up his thoughts so you can decide - watch, don’t watch or avoid at all costs. Sometimes he even gets to talk to the cool folks who make some of your favorite films.

Blood, Violence, Babes: New Releases for October to December

Published:   |   Updated: December 30, 2014 at 03:59 PM

Death is a weird thing. It doesn't heed holidays. It cares little for family relationships. It just shows up, bullying through the door like a drunk at a fraternity party, and refuses to take no for an answer. I lost my mother on Wednesday, Nov. 26,...