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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015
Carrollwood News

Kids make the darnedest things at art camp

Special Correspondent


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CARROLLWOOD — A lot of kids spent their summers playing video games. With school out for summer, there wasn’t much to do, was there?

At the Montessori Academy in Carrollwood, kids ages 3 to 6 put together an art display made from recycled products and discarded objects. They built an entire bicycle out of used parts, a flower arrangement set inside of an old tire, and plenty of other items that went on display at the school during the week before the new school year.

The displays ranged from Picasso-style drawings to art made of leftover products to the bike. One of the masterpieces was a table created out of glass peanut butter jars. It was the brainchild of Carol Valderrama and Betty Polanco, art directors at Montessori.

Emma Watson, Montessori director, said they made it all work and the kids had a blast at the same time.

“Where else can you make a table out of peanut butter glass?” Watson asked. “These kids worked hard all summer and look how it all turned out. This is amazing and we have to give the credit to the kids and to Ms. Valderrama and Ms. Polanco.”

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