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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Christopher Spata


Indiana Jones bar and restaurant coming to Disney


Looking for a more or less snake-free spot to hang your hat, toss your whip on the next barstool and enjoy a unique cocktail in the Orlando area?

Dining Review: Ava is a hot Italian restaurant in a cool part of town


The first thing you notice is the fire. Flames cast a welcoming glow from the mouth of Italian-made Acunto oven that dominates Ava’s dining room and the wood-fired flavor of much of its food.

Mellow vibe set aside on Big Guava's second day


The sun was blazing, the music was drastically diverse and the most popular fashion accessory was anything weird, from neon orange, faux-native American facepaint to a staff to...

Force is strong with ‘One-Man Star Wars Trilogy’ performer


For the few years of his childhood spent on a farm in rural northern Canada, Charles Ross didn’t have a lot of options for entertainment. He didn’t have TV or radio reception. He didn’t have neighbor...

'Ant-Man,' 'Terminator Genisys' trailers arrive on same day


Trailers for two of this summer’s most anticipated, big-budget, big-boom, popcorn flicks hit the Internet today.

CEO: Taco Bell planning home delivery


If you believe the ‘90s action classic “Demolition Man,” you know that by 2032 Taco Bell will be the only restaurant left in existence (you a...

Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay now a father


The bloodline of the most famous monkey in local history will live on. Cornelius, better known as the Mystery Monkey of Tampa ...