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Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014

Silvestrini, Elaine

Tribune Staff

Hillsborough judicial candidates face runoff in November


— Hillsborough County voters were asked to select four new circuit court judges Tuesday but will have to finish the job in November because no one captured more than 50 percent ...

Smart on Crime early-release plan reverberates in Middle District


As federal officials embark on programs designed to grant early release to thousands of federal inmates, the Middle District of Florida is expected to be one of the most affec...

Hillsborough survivalist to take plea deal on weapons charges


Martin Winters, a survivalist who authorities say fled fr...

What can parents do?


— Experts say parents should have a continuing conversation with their children about the threat of strangers who can victimize them online through any device that connects to t...

Predators target kids via apps, police say


— In March, a 14-year-old Tampa girl got on a bus headed to Mexico with a 25-year-old

Attorney general: Company taking advantage of underwater homeowners


— The attorneys general for Florida and Connecticut say a group of businesses fronted by a Tampa lawyer perpetrated a multi-million-dollar scam on thousands of financially strap...

3 doomsday preppers to plead guilty to charges


— Three members of the so-called River Otter Preppers survivalist group have agre...

Judge sentences McTear to life in prison

- Richard McTear Jr. will spend the rest of his life in prison but won’t face the death chamber for murdering an infant by throwing him out a car window on Interstate 275 five years ago.

Violent past emerges as jury ponders McTear's fate

- As the prosecution and defense presented evidence over whether Richard McTear should be sentenced to death in the murder of a 3-month-old boy, a picture of violence emerged.

Jury faces life-or-death recommendation for McTear


— For the last two weeks, jurors have heard how Richard McTear brutally beat his girlfriend and

McTear guilty of tossing infant onto I-275

- Convicted of murdering a baby by throwing him out a car window on the interstate, Richard McTear Jr. will find out next week if jurors want him put to death.

Finally, jury deciding McTear’s fate

- Jurors began deliberations this morning after receiving legal instructions from Circuit Judge William Fuente, who gave them information about the charges, including first-degree murder, kidnapping and child abuse.

Defense rests in McTear murder trial

- Attorneys for Richard A. McTear Jr. rested their defense Tuesday after presenting testimony designed to raise questions about Jasmine Bedwell, the mother of the baby McTear is accused of murdering by throwing him out a car ...

Prosecution rests in baby-tossing trial

- After presenting DNA evidence showing the dead infant’s blood on the defendant’s clothes, the prosecution in the Richard McTear trial rested.

Expert: Baby found on side of road had awful injuries


— The baby’s injuries were so severe, they were ...

Man describes finding dead baby on I-275


— At first, the news photographer thought the dark mass he saw on the side of Interstate 275 on his way into work was garbage.

Mom testifies, 911 call heard in McTear trial

- An emotional Jasmine Bedwell took the witness stand this morning in the trial of Richard McTear, the man accused of killing her baby and beating her, as details emerge on her 911 call.

Prosecutor outlines evidence against McTear in infant’s death

- Not even 4 months old, Emanuel Wesley Murray Jr. was found dead on the side of Interstate 275 five years ago, covered head to toe in “road rash,” a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday morning.

Gay marriage ruling may help pair divorce


— While a Monroe County judge’s ruling is givi...

One by one, pain clinic docs, operators pleading guilty


— The 1910 Medical Clinic was a busy place that drew crowds of mostly out-of-state “patients” who paid cash for pain pill cocktail prescriptions.

Jury selection begins in baby-throwing death

- Five years after Emanual Murray’s body was found on I-275, half of a pool of 200 potential jurors recalled reading or hearing about the case and suspect Richard McTear.

Secret technology tracks private phones

- The devices, which have been used by local law enforcement agencies, can gather information about cellphone use by anyone, innocent people as well as investigative targets, within its range.

Judge: Tampa police must turn over records about police informant


— Prosecutors and police must surrender records to the lawyer for a woman at the center of a criminal investigation involving two former Tampa police detectives, a judge has rul...

Diverse group seeks judgeships


— A former city councilman, a former state representative and several former prosecutors all are vying for open judgeships this year.

Lawyers can peek at jurors’ social media


— Picking jurors can be like reading tea leaves for lawyers who have only a short time to decide if strangers can be fair to their clients.