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Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

Steve Otto

Tribune staff
Otto, Steve

At one time, A&P stood for something


I had a part-time job after school at the A&P grocery store on Dale Mabry near Henderson Boulevard.

Semi-retired? For this scribe, it’s like semi-pregnant


I semi-retired a year ago today, cutting back my columns that appear here in Mother Trib from four a week to two.

American spirit must be preserved for future generations

- Our nation’s challenges are not easy for outsiders to understand, writes Steve Otto. Much of that is because in their countries, they should be so lucky to be able to stand up and say what they believe — witho...

Confederate flag debate hides our real problems


About the time I read they wanted to start moving Confederate bodies, along with monuments and statues, I figured it might be time for everyone to pause for a little while and consider what we are doing, which is hiding ...

After 40 years, Tampa man hears sound of love


Coming down the corridor of the medical tower and leading his own entourage headed by daughter Olivia and wife Katie, Davelis (D.C.) Goutoufas looked like a prize fighter headed for the ring. The difference: D.C., grinni...

Otto: Residents feeling paved over in the Heights


One of the stranger quotes of the war in Vietnam came from Associated Press reporter Peter Arnett, who had an Army major tell him that “it became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

We could use a new Martin Luther


Today and tomorrow, tens of millions of Americans will gather in synagogues and churches, maybe looking for a little more comfort than usual.

Tampa just lost 2 of its treasures in wrestler, photographer


Only if you knew them — and it would help if you grew up in Tampa — would you say there were similarities between Dusty Rhodes and Bud Lee.

Frustration builds in Tampa’s waiting room


Last week’s column on the ills of health care in America generated a predictably strong response. I can’t think of any other issue that affects so many of us and yet has been so mishandled by the politician...

For the first time, the sounds of Tampa will fill his ears


Davelis “D.C.’’ Goutoufas is 48 years old and deaf. He lost his hearing after a fluid buildup in his ears when he was 4 and has no recollection of sound.