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Monday, Apr 20, 2015

Steve Otto

Tribune staff
Otto, Steve

La Segunda bakery is numero uno


We live in a commercialized world where everything is the “best,’’ the “all-time leader,’’ the “greatest thing since sliced bread.’’

Vacation cruise out of Tampa turned into murder mystery


Returning to the pier after cleaning out a few souvenir shops in old San Juan, there was a knot of cameras and police at the security entrance to our ship, the MS Ryndam.

In case you missed it, Election Day is here again


What do you know ... another Election Day.

Florida’s Amendment 1 gets lost in translation


This week it was the Florida Senate’s turn to display what was either an overwhelming ignorance of what is at stake or just possibly something more sinister.

Buckshot the mullet man a disappearing breed


My buddy Bill Moore was going to get about 20 pounds of mullet from someone called Buckshot and figured he was somebody I might like to meet.

Banned terms inspire a new word: ‘scottie’


Last week it was reported that officials at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection have banned the use of words or phrases such as “climate change,” “global warming” and “su...

Man of letters watches the times change in Tampa


For someone about to turn 100, Augusto Wells was enjoying the string of smooches he was getting from the waitresses and customers at Pach’s restaurant the other day just a little too much.

For one American hero, a time to dance


So there was Ed Droste, smooth as silk, moving his Phyllis around the dance floor to the sounds of Don Juceam’s big band at the Royal Palm last Saturday night, celebrat...

When trauma is your job, stress is a daily companion


It seems, in our ever-shrinking world, that we are surrounded by trauma.