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Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014

Morelli, Keith

Tribune Staff

Near-record August heat gives way to storm season


If you think it was hot in August, the kind of hot that burns your fingers when you grip the steering wheel or wilts your reserve when you walk across a shimmering parking lot ...

Panther track in Polk viewed as good sign


For the first time in decades, a Florida panther has made its way to the Green Swamp.

Tiny town’s library holds a treasure trove of Civil War books


The shelves of the tiny E.C. Rowell Public Library in Webster, a town more famous for its flea market and cattl...

Fight between Hillsborough, Lyft goes up a notch

- The simmering feud escalated when a Lyft driver refused to take a plea on a misdemeanor of driving a taxi without a license and demanded a jury trial.

Early voting for primary in Hillsborough sets record


No one knows yet who will win today’s primary races, but one thing already is clear: More and more people are casting a ballot before election day dawns.

Early voting for primary in Hillsborough sets record

- The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today. But many of you have already voted, based on early voting and vote-by-mail ballots.

Citrus blight tightens grip on Florida growers

- Citrus greening, the insidious disease that is laying waste to Florida's signature agricultural industry, marches on with insect soldiers the size of a freckle that pass the lethal bacteria from tree to tree.

New business model may be something that floats your boat


Not everybody in Tampa Bay has a boat, and that’s a shame because this part of the world is rich with water. Rivers and lakes beckon, along with estuaries, ponds and ba...

Other nonprofits awed by ALS Ice bucket challenge


The ice bucket challenge’s phenomenal success is making other charitable organizations rethink how they connect with a younger generation of potential donors.

Fire fatalities still happen but becoming less common

- The trend of people killed in house fires has been dropping for decades, the result of a combination of factors, including the abundance of smoke alarms in homes.

STD rates skyrocket in Hillsborough County

- Florida has a sexually transmitted disease problem. Hillsborough County has it worse.

Hillsborough charity may house immigrant children

- A federal official says an unknown number of undocumented youths from Central America who recently crossed the border may temporarily be put up by The Children’s Home.

Some companies vying for Hillsborough jail contract have pasts to overcome


Inmate death haunts Hillsborough jail contract process


The private health services agency that treats Hillsborough County jail inmates is hoping to get an extension on its contract in spite of a scandal in 2012 in which an inmate ...

Proposed snapper rules would split charter captains, private anglers

- The state and federal recreational angling season for red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico is long closed, but the controversy over newly proposed federal regulations is just getting started.

Artist's works locked behind prison walls

- Six idyllic murals, the work of Florida Highwaymen artist Al “Blood” Black, are on the walls of the defunct prison in Riverview, and the building's future is uncertain.

Weekend proves hectic at TGH Trauma Center

- The gunshots and vehicle crashes that buffetted Tampa over the weekend reverberated in Tampa General Hospital’s Trauma Center, which was slammed with critically injured patients.

First-responders pay a price for saving lives

- First responders get into the business to help people — victims of violence and disease, people who are near death and in pain. But those images can haunt them for years.

Researchers keeping eye on unusual red tide north of Tampa Bay


State wildlife officials and environmental researchers are watching a large bloom of red tide north of the Tampa Bay area, trying to predict where it will go and the impact it will have on wildlife.

Scientist takes on 4-foot lizards in Riverview

- It appears the tegu, a cold-blooded, fork-tongued interloper that has muscled its way into the Florida landscape, is here to stay. Tegu sightings have more than doubled since April.

Leaky reservoir finally ready to be filled again


The massive C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir, which has been nearly empty for more than a year while construction crews repaired the leaking liner, is ready to be filled, according to

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pinellas, Tampa Bay to merge


Two local Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies are merging and, as of Jan. 1, will combine to mentor about 3,350 children from Polk County to Pinellas, from Hillsborough County t...

Gym owner charged with theft of sales tax funds


The co-owner of a Lutz gymnasium has been accused of collecting thousands of dollars of sales tax from his customers and not paying that money to the state.

Gov. Scott takes spin in driverless car

- Despite a glitch, Gov. Rick Scott enjoyed his trip on the Selmon Expressway in a sleek German car with fancy driverless technology.

Mosquito-borne chikungunya threat growing

- July is cresting in West Central Florida, and mosquitoes, with their piercing proboscises and nerve-wringing whine, are on the prowl for red-blooded victims. This year, they may leave behind more than an itching welt: chiku...

'Driverless' car testing on Selmon Expressway

- The elevated lanes of the Selmon Expressway will be closed during the day Sunday and Monday so Audi can test a car that doesn’t require someone to steer, brake and accelerate.

Video raises more questions in boy’s death

- Police say Marterrance Albury, 4, was run over by the SUV, but a surveillance video has police questioning whether he fell from the vehicle or was wandering the street.

Detroit Tigers loyal to Lakeland, will stay

- After 78 years of spring training in Lakeland, the Detroit Tigers have signed for 20 more years.

Experts: Defendants’ looks sway juries

- The latest to employ the subliminal strategy of a courtroom makeover is Richard McTear. who is accused of throwing a baby out of a car window.

Recent drop in gas prices is not done yet

- Over the weekend, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline fell for the 16th consecutive day, according to industry observers.

Thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses flock to Tampa gatherings

- Known by many as those sharply dressed, well groomed souls who come knocking on doors offering copies of “Awake!” and “The Watchtower,” Jehovah's Witnesses are flooding Tampa for a series of regional...

Program goal: Keep inmates off drugs, out of jail


— A dozen women, all dressed in bright orange jumpsuits, gathered this week in a room somewhere deep in the guts of the

Manatee fatalities show decline


If it’s not reckless boaters chopping into the backsides of manatees, it’s the red tide. Or the cold. Or some mysterious bug along the southeastern coast that is...

County settles synthetic pot case


Hillsborough County has reached a tentative settlement with a convenience store fined well over $1 million for selling synthetic drugs, a move that should allow the county to ...

State’s reputation as lightning capital well-deserved

- Two fishermen were among the 49 people injured in lightning strikes in the United States last year and nearly became the fifth and sixth killed in Florida in 2013. Their story also serves as a warning for others as the summ...