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Saturday, Aug 01, 2015

Keith Morelli

Tribune Staff

65-year-long search for lost sibling finally yields results


TAMPA — Faded childhood memories of a dark-haired 2-year-old boy toddling around the house in Kentucky and a name scribbled on a scrap of paper have led to a unique family reunion this weekend, one 65 years in the...

Laurel Street Bridge to undergo $3.2 million repair job

- The Tampa City Council unanimously voted Thursday to proceed with the $3.2 million repair of the Laurel Street Bridge, which spans the Hillsborough River on the northern fringe of downtown.

Tampa council chairman wants citizens review board for Tampa police


TAMPA — A move to establish a citizens review board to watch over Tampa police is gaining momentum, largely in reaction to reports of police officers around the nation brutalizing the public and a Department of Ju...

Juvenile detention riot reignites old debate: Rehabilitate or discipline?

- Questions over a riot at a state juvenile detention facility in Polk County two years ago have turned into a debate over whether the state is too lenient on young criminals.

Region's saturated soil strains to drain away heavy rains

- Most of the rain in the Tampa area is captured by a mix of sand and limestone porous enough to handle sporadic storms. But after several days of heavy rain, the drainage comes to a standstill.

Dontae Morris admitted murder during phone call, friend testifies

- Dontae Morris called a friend and explained in detail how he stalked, shot and killed Derek Anderson on the front step of his mother’s apartment, the friend testified Friday.

Lakeland man sentenced to life in murder of popular drag queen

- Deandre Tolliver was sentenced to life in prison in the 2013 death of Anthony Jerome Lee, better known as drag queen South Beach Wanda.

New cricket fields in Seffner get Hillsborough in the game


So new are the cricket fields at Evans Park in Seffner that they are not yet listed on the county’s website that mentions the basketball and hockey courts, football, socc...

Florida, Tampa Bay area have become magnets for refugees

- Florida leads the nation in the number of refugees moving into the United States, more than double the number settling in second-place California.

The story behind the man who danced and danced along Florida Ave.

- Michael McKinney’s moves entranced bored drivers traveling along Tampa's North Florida Avenue for years. He died June 15, leaving this stretch of road a little less colorful.

Judge rules against attorneys in DUI setup case


A Pinellas judge found Tuesday that three lawyers in a prominent law firm “deliberately and maliciously” orchestrated the drunken driving arrest of an opposing a...

Historic Tampa cigar factory’s fate was sealed before fire

- The La Mega Cigar Factory once was a vital part of Tampa’s Palmetto Beach neighborhood but eventually closed and the building fell into disrepair in recent years. Now Tampa has lost another link to its cigar-making hi...

Funerals with a flair: Directors adapt to new kinds of memorials

- The boxer stands in the corner of the ring, the robe’s hood shadowing his face. The Santa sits, his head bowed, surrounded by Christmas presents. The biker is on his beloved Harley, his hand twisting the throttle.

BP settlement over Gulf oil spill to net Florida $3.25 billion

- Tampa’s part of the $18.7 billion settlement from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion: About $27.5 million that will go into unspecified “legacy projects.” Attorney General Pam Bondi announced the sett...

Wet June is just about normal for Tampa rainfall


Many will remember June as a month of darkened skies, rumblings from approaching thunder and dripping umbrellas, but rain over the past 30 days — it turns out — ...

Grandmother in fatal shooting likely not intended target, Tampa police say


Tampa police continued Monday to search for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a woman in her bedroom on Saturday, one of two unsolved weekend homicides detectives were investigating.

Hillsborough has a new environmental boss


Janet Dougherty, a longtime political figure in Hillsborough County who ran for county commission last fall and lost, was officially hired as the new

Stores pulling Confederate flag merchandise from shelves

- Wal-Mart was among the first retailers to say it was taking the gear off shelves. Then, Sears, Kmart and even eBay joined the movement, which started in the wake of last week’s Charleston church shooting.

Hillsborough deputy suspended over ‘unsafe’ target practice


A Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy involved in an off-duty target-practice gathering in Lithia that left a neighbor’s house riddled with bullet holes has bee...

Battle over bear hunting set for Wednesday in Sarasota


With the black bear population across Florida booming — and run-ins with humans increasing — the state agency that protects wildlife says the time

He had winning numbers, but can't find the tickets


Everybody’s got a story about the one that got away, but Walid Aboroomi’s tale of loss and deprivation can bring tears to anyone who favors simple games of chance a...

Driverless cars, drones part of new MOSI exhibit


The driving force behind the summer exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry is ... ...

Let’s face it: Chicagoans have invaded Tampa for years

- With the Blackhawks (and, yes, even the White Sox) in the area, another influx of folks from the Windy City are expected in the so-called (Deep) South Side of Chicago for sports, golf, sun and fun.

Carrollwood barbecue restaurant owner dies in motorcycle crash

- Alex Cooks Sr., whose generosity over the past 15 years has steered more than 20,000 bicycles to needy children and whose secret recipe left Carrollwood barbecue lovers smacking their lips and licking their fingers, succumb...

Happy summer news: gas prices expected to fall

- While gasoline prices have been edging upward around Tampa Bay the past few weeks, that trend should reverse soon, making this summer’s prices at the pump the lowest in six years, fuel forecasters say.

Opposition mounts to making state parks self sufficient


Opposition is mounting over plans to open up Florida’s state parks

Florida’s managed bee colonies bucking the national trend

- Hobbyists, not commercial interests, may be the source of the flourishing bee population around the state.

Battle brewing over logging, grazing at state parks


— Conservationists are drawing a line in the scrubland, vowing to fight any attempt by the state to expand logging and cattle grazing throughout Florida’s 171 state parks...

More Hillsborough homeless finding way into shelters, off streets


TAMPA — Hillsborough County’s homeless population has dropped by less than one percent from last year, but more have roofs over their heads.