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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Keith Morelli

Tribune Staff

Experts tie hurricane changes to climate change

- Climate change may be triggering an evolution in hurricanes, with some researchers predicting the violent storms could move farther north, out of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, where they have threatened coastlin...

Highwaymen murals on Riverview prison walls sell for $150

- Shane Karlson landed quite a deal last weekend, purchasing a pair of Florida Highwaymen works of art for a scant $75 each. Now comes the real work: Trying to break the paintings out of prison — literally.

Sunset Music Festival organizers hope for Mother Nature’s cooperation


Backers of this weekend’s Sunset Music Festival are hoping for just the right type of weather.

Tampa sued by nonprofit agency over panhandling ban

- Homeless Helping Homeless, a nonprofit group that helps homeless find shelter and food, sues the city of Tampa over its panhandling laws, saying those donations are its sole source of funding and it can’t operate wit...

Fire at Valrico storage facility under investigation


Fire investigators Wednesday reviewed surveillance video trying to determine what — or who — caused a sprawling fire that tore through a Valrico self-storage business Wednesday, damaging or destroying more ...

Water management district may make Tampa its headquarters


A plan to make Tampa the headquarters of the Southwest Florida Water Management District drew protests at the governing board mee...

Busch Gardens aligns social media stars for special event

- A new breed of celebrity is emerging on the global pop culture scene, one that presents itself in short bursts — a few minutes on YouTube, a couple of seconds on Vine, creating an undercurrent of short-attention-span ...

Tampa Bay sea grass beds herald environmental recovery


sea grass beds, a critical component of a healthy estuary, have rebounded to such a remarkable degree that their health is as robust as it was 60 years ago, water resource...

Aid group based in Tampa was on scene when quake hit Nepal


— Amid the devastation and death caused by a pair of massive earthquakes in Nepal, a Tampa-based nonprofit is helping to save lives by shuttling people from and aid to hard-to-r...

Lots of USF angst after body farm site pulled, emails show


Fear of what would happen next — and a little paranoia — emerged in emails from University of South Florida academics after their plans to locate a “body ...

A perfect match: Nonprofits, donors meet online for Give Day Tampa Bay


From big cat caretakers to entrepreneurs to human trafficking support groups, all eyes today will be on the Give Day Tampa Bay leaderboard, hoping for an online flush of donat...

USF cadaver researchers search for new site for body farm

- Though plans to deposit the dearly departed in the earth around Lithia are dead, cadaver researchers continue to push to find a new site where scientists can study the business of human decomposition in Florida’s subt...

Cool may follow rain; front could bring last chill of season


A low-pressure system sweeping through the Southeast drenched the Tampa Bay region on Tuesday, with more expected today. The system dropped about an inch of rain on Tampa and ...

Police looking for shooters in driveby on East Tampa mourners


Tampa police are still searching for whoever shot on Saturday into a crowd mourning a man fatally shot while riding his motorcycle three weeks ago.

Wastewater storage could improve water quality in Tampa Bay

- The best hope for cleaning up the murky portions of upper Tampa Bay might rely on an unconventional but proven technology that diverts treated wastewater from the bay into deep wells where it is stored for later use waterin...

Death sentence reduced to life in 2009 officer’s slaying

- The Florida Supreme Court, citing Huberto Delgado’s mental state, ruled that a death sentence wasn’t appropriate for him in the fatal shooting of Tampa police Cpl. Mike Roberts in 2009.

Lowry zoo leader heading for Chicago


Lowry Park Zoo CEO Craig Pugh, whose tenure began five years ago amid the swirl of a scandal that resulted in his predecessor’...

A rhythmic thank you at USF to those who donated their bodies to science


On the table in front Jason Naziri a few months ago was a cadaver - what remains when a person who had a real life, a person with a family, a job, maybe children, is no more.<...

Runoff from Lake Tarpon still clogs tip of Old Tampa Bay


While the quality of water in most of Tampa Bay continues to improve with expanding beds of seagrass and robust life above and below the surface, the northernmost tip of Old T...

Patels’ Hillsborough County estate is beyond big

- On the traffic-stuffed intersection of Busch Boulevard and Dale Mabry Highway rises what may become Hillsborough's most visible signature home: a 17-acre, lake-front compound for one of Tampa’s best-known philanthropi...

Friend: Ruskin gyrocopter pilot a patriot, not a terrorist

- Mike Shanahan calls Douglas Hughes’ landing on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol “an act of civil disobedience to get the attention of the American people about campaign finance laws, to try to get democracy back i...

Taxes plus deadline equals a very stressful day

- Wednesday is the deadline for filing tax returns, and the level of stress for all those procrastinators, tax-owers and people hoping for a miracle is red-lining.

Rally planned to address rash of gun violence in Tampa


The gun violence gripping some neighborhoods of Tampa is a disease that needs to be treated from a grass roots level, police and community activists say. So next weekend the f...

Tampa pharmacist gets 30 years for beating wife to death with bat


A 57-year-old pharmacist was sentenced to 30 years in prison Friday for the brutal beat...

Lithia may become site of human decomposition study

- The Hillsborough sheriff’s training center could become a home for cadavers as part of a forensic science program on how bodies decompose in the Florida elements. The research would help investigators solve crimes.

Arena ice artists carve out temporary treasures

- If the art of Collin Atkins and Tre Ellis lasts a day, it's a good day. Usually, their art starts to disappear within hours. Creating their works can take a lot longer, using chisels and picks, an assortment of power tools ...

Next four months critical to Florida's bat population


Wildlife biologists can tell you almost exactly how many panthers and black bears are roaming Florida’s woods and have a pretty good idea how many manatees swim in the co...

Slain woman found in North Hyde Park home, police say

- Relatives and neighbors gathered outside a North Hyde Park home where a woman was found killed this morning and sang a verse of “Amazing Grace.”

Autopsy: Ulele server accidentally drowned in Mango Lake

- Apryl Foster, the Ulele restaurant employee whose body was found in a lake 10 days after she was last seen leaving an Ybor City bar, died of accidental drowning, according to an autopsy report released Friday.

Report: Impossible to prove who fired shots that hit Lithia house

- The report connects a shooting party to damage at a neighbor’s house, including bullets in the home’s walls and a shattered window above a crib, but stopped short of charging anyone with a crime.

For sale: Davis Islands house ABC rebuilt after plane crash

- Seven years after Ty Pennington led the chorus of “move that bus,” the two-story, four-bedroom house is on the market with the owners asking $889,000.

Smooth sailing, if not any faster, on rebuilt I-275

- Last week, motorists on Interstate 275 from downtown to the State Road 60 interchange were taking their chances on what felt like an extended motocross track with sharp turns and jutting hills.