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Saturday, Apr 19, 2014

MacCormack, Kim

Tribune Staff

Kim’s Tuesday Musings: Letterman and Nathan Fillion


“Nathan Fillion touched me.”

Pop Rocks blog: How I loathed the ‘Mother’ finale (spoilers!)

- If they had just ended the show at the train station I might have written a different headline. Maybe not a “I loved the ‘Mother’ finale” but I wouldn’t have disliked it as much.

Kim’s Friday Musings: Checking into ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’


All the talk is about “Noah,” but I’m going to see “The Grand Budapest Hotel” tonight. Eager to see Ralph Fiennes be funny.

Kim’s Thursday Musings: McVie rejoins Fleetwood Mac


I guess the big news around the Big Guava today is that Fleetwood Mac — all of them, even Christine McVie — is coming to the Forum in December.

Kim’s Tuesday Musings: Did Lando live to dance again?


SPOILER ALERT: I’m going to reveal what happened on “Dancing With the Stars,” so don’t train your Death Star at me if you keep reading

Kim’s Monday Morning Musings: When it is safe to spoil a TV twist?


Excuse me if I’m not all spring in my step this morning, but I’m not real happy about something that happened last night on one of my fave Sunday show’s — “The Good Wife.”

Kim’s Friday morning musings


Happy Friday everyone.

Kim’s post-lunch musings: Fallon, DWTS


♦ When Jimmy Fallon visited WFLA a few months ago I was taken with his reverence when talking about “The Tonight Show.”

Monday morning musings


It may look bleak outside but that doesn’t start breaking fluff.

Kim’s morning musings


♦ Could someone please explain the appeal of “The Bachelor” to me?

Straz Broadway season: Magic, Motown and Mormons


A mysterious masked man, a glass-slippered charwoman, a curly-topped orphan, Detroit hit-makers and a royal heir will find their corner of the sky at the Straz Center as part of its 2014-15 Broadway season, it was announ...