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Friday, Mar 06, 2015

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Even-keel Eakins just what Hillsborough schools need now


Put yourself in Jeff Eakins’ place for a moment.

The perils of venomous online posts

- When social media stops being social, as was the case when former pitcher Curt Schilling came to the defense of his daughter, consequences can be harsh, Joe Henderson writes.

Just when you think Obama-bashing can’t get worse, it does


It wasn’t enough for the residents of Wingnut Nation to argue in defiance of facts that Barack Obama was not born in America. Some of them even cling to the belief he is an agent of radical Islam sent to destroy o...

City elections important, but so few people seem to care


There is an election Tuesday in Tampa to choose a mayor and city council members, but it appears to be a well-kept secret. There are 211,158 registered voters in the city, but by late last week only 14,271 mail ballots h...

Henderson: This shows what happens when a community comes together


Adrian White is one of those people willing to help anyone at any time. All you have to do is ask, and he will be there.

Festival reminds us getting into a jam (or jelly) can be good thing


I told the kind lady at Gate 4 of the Florida Strawberry Festival grounds Tuesday morning I was there as a judge. She pointed me toward a building filled with every imagi...

It must be different when mandate comes from Tallahassee


We’ve all seen the collective heads of Republican legislators in our state spin ’round and ’round any time a mandate for almost anything comes down from Washington.

Relief may be coming from testing mania in Florida schools


It’s a busy month in Hillsborough County’s schools.

It’s foolish to think Rays will stay in St. Pete


I understand why members of the St. Petersburg City Council aren’t willing to roll over and let the Tampa Bay Rays move to Tampa or anywhere else. I always expected they would put up a fight. It’s what good...

Tampa’s Uber migraine could soon be St. Pete’s too


St. Petersburg surely seems like a perfect place for the upstart ride-buying companies Uber and Lyft to prosper. Combine the city’s bustling downtown social and arts scene with an influx of younger residents who d...

Republicans have total AND complete chance on health care


Earlier this month, the U.S. House of Representatives voted for the 60th time since 2011 to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, just in time to beat the Feb. 15 deadline to sign up for health insurance...

How can we be surprised when the system breaks?


You might not think a state agency charged with protecting children has anything in common with the one running the prison system. You would be incorrect.

Henderson: Jim Norman’s rise from political undead scary


Jim Norman is thinking of running again for the Hills­borough County Commission. Of course he is. We don’t have ex-politicians in this town, we just have politicians taking time in between legislative gigs.

TV news’ credibility in doubt before Williams’ gaffe

- It’s no big deal if Brian Williams is fired, quits or returns to the anchor desk after his suspension, writes Joe Henderson. No matter how this ends, the news doesn’t stop and someone will one day take his p...

Jeb would tote lots of baggage into a national campaign


Pundits probably assume that because we know him well, Floridians will vote for Jeb Bush in a 2016 presidential race. Consider that from the other side, though.

Henderson: Buckhorn’s school board tweet illustrates the big divide


The impact of 60 characters can be substantial. That’s all Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn used from the 140 keystrokes Twitter allows to get across his view that Hillsborough County School Board members who voted to fir...

Scott says he could have handled mess better — we know, we know


Gov. Rick Scott opened Thursday’s much-anticipated Cabinet meeting at the Florida State Fairgrounds with a startling admission. Of his ham-handed decision to dismiss Florida Department of Law Enforcement chief Ger...

Scott finding, again, that governing in the shadows doesn’t work


The annual Governor’s Luncheon to kick off the Florida State Fair is scheduled for Thursday, and it could get weird. It is supposed to be a celebration of the good things in our state, but controversies are erupti...

Placing kids in need with adoptive parents is mission at New Life Village


Like anyone with a soul, Sister Claire LeBoeuf was horrified when she read how the biological father of 5-year-old Phoebe Jonchuck threw her off a bridge in Pinellas County to her death. To LeBoeuf, the case underscored ...

Once again, Florida’s poor left wanting in health care debate


Florida is not among the 28 states that expanded Medicaid programs to cover their neediest citizens. Six more states are strongly considering expansion. Florida is not one of those, either.

Putnam: “Time not on our side” in fight to save citrus


Drive through eastern Hills­borough County, parts of Polk, or head south through Hardee, and you will pass farms and orange groves that make up the backbone of this state.

Here’s a friendly Rx for what ails the NFL


Ten trillion bazillion people, more or less, from here to (Bruno) Mars will watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Tampa moving up in rankings, but it’s a steep climb


You can almost hear the chant slowly build inside Tampa’s halls of power — “We’re Number 141, We’re Number 141.”

Scott’s stumbling start casts large shadow

- Two weeks into his second term, Rick Scott is facing denunciations, allegations and demands for investigations. And that’s from his friends, Joe Henderson writes.

Board's ouster of Elia exposes major rift

- The $1.1 million that taxpayers must foot for buying out MaryEllen Elia’s contract stings, Joe Henderson writes. But not as much as the fact the move reveals how the school system is divided, often along racial and ec...

Is the state of our union really that bad?


Although most Republicans have honest, deep disagreements on policy and style with the president, they keep it professional out of respect to the office he holds. But not the representatives of Wingnut Nation. They

Asking voters to approve a tax increase is a dubious venture


Supporters of the Greenlight Pinellas referendum last November did a lot of things right trying to persuade voters to pay higher taxes for mass transit needs, including (cover your ears, folks) r-a-i...

Elia bears some responsibility for the problems, too


Hillsborough County School Superintendent MaryEllen Elia is a remarkable woman. Even her critics concede that.

Philly might not buy into Scott’s pitch

- Gov. Rick Scott plans to travel to Philadelphia next month to coax the city’s business leaders and other people to move to Florida. Joe Henderson warns that he may not know what he’s up against.

It’s your turn now GOP, so what do you have?


Governing is a lot different than complaining, as Republicans in Congress are about to discover. After six years of stalling, obstruction and shouting BENGHAZI!!! at least five times a day, th...

When a child’s safety is the issue, take action now, for goodness sakes!


If John Nicholas Jonchuck doesn’t qualify as deranged, I don’t know what it takes. So what was he doing out on the streets and in custody of his 5-year-old daughter, Phoebe?

Scott eases into his second term as Florida’s governor


Rick Scott’s second term as Florida’s governor began Tuesday, in case you missed it. His inauguration came and went without much fanfare, and maybe that’s good.

Improving relations with Cuba requires some sensitivity


I can’t imagine what it was like to be in Cuba when Fidel Castro seized power, and if you didn’t live through it, you can’t either.