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Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Once again, Florida politics raises ridiculous to an art form


We have serious issues in Florida.

Surely we can do better than this, can’t we?


Regular diners at Lenny’s restaurant in Clearwater understand their sausage omelet or Danish basket isn’t complete without a little political commentary from Dan Farrell.

Crist’s record shows willingness to make tough choices


The worldwide economy was in free fall in early 2009, and Florida was among the places hardest hit.

Dunn case proves gun permit doesn’t come loaded with common sense


There are so many examples of gun-related stupidity in recent years, it’s hard to say a particular one best illustrates how nutty our world can be. The case of Michael Dunn comes close, though.

Rays would thrive in downtown Tampa

- With the Rays having the lowest average attendance in the major leagues this season, cynics say things would be no better if the team played in downtown Tampa. Joe Henderson says they’re wrong.

Wyllie can’t win, but he can influence the governor’s race


Adrian Wyllie said he doesn’t really want to be Florida’s next governor, but he is running for the office anyway as a budget-chopping, regulation-ending, free-market Libertarian. He said someone needs to sa...

People should put foot on the gas for Greenlight Pinellas


Pushing a boulder up the side of a mountain would have seemed like a good cardio workout for Sisyphus compared to the effort it takes to get voters to approve a tax increase these days. When that includes funding for som...

If FSU just wants influence, Thrasher is the man. Academics? We’ll see


If you’re puzzled why state Sen. John Thrasher was chosen to be the next president at Florida State University, why?

School testing craze is good only for the politicians


Politicians love to treat public schools like chew toys, and it’s so easy. Start with a buzzword like “accountability” and take a jab or two at teachers unions, and then sprinkle liberally with vague...

Commissioners change of heart on registry step in right direction


I won’t presume to say for sure what motivated four Hillsborough County commissioners on Wednesday to switch from “no” to “yes” on the issue of creating a domestic partner registry.

Spankings teach fear, not discipline


I learned at an early age that when my father had a certain look and started fumbling for his belt, it would not end well for me.

What’s wrong with voting early? Nothing that I can see


Excuse me just a second, please. I have to finish something before I start this column.

Domestic violence not confined to NFL

- Cases like Ray Rice's grab the headlines, but columnist Joe Henderson says domestic violence happens everywhere, and it must be brought out of the shadows.

Armed elementary school guards a sign of scary times


Elementary school students should spend their days learning ABCs and the basics of math. They should laugh, and share, and draw funny pictures that they show later to mom and dad.

What’s in a name? Plenty for Washington’s team

- Faceoff: Joe Henderson says the NFL needs to protect its brand and banish "Redskins," while Tom Jackson says Dan Snyder has the legal right to keep it intact. Who’s got it right?

The state unemployment computer system that was fixed? It’s not fixed


At 9:17 a.m. on June 28, Robert Geller learned that he had gone from being gainfully employed to jobless. Obviously that’s never good news, but Geller didn’t spend any time feeling sorry for himself. He immed...