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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

State had no choice but to concede school testing defeat

- The new Florida Standards Assessment was an epic fail, Joe Henderson writes, with students and teachers taking a fall for the state’s incompetence.

Jeb’s fumbling start could reshape GOP race


Jeb Bush loves his family. That’s commendable. He doesn’t want to make his brother, George, look bad.

Will someone please step up and lead Florida?


Adam Putnam.

Search long and hard, but you won’t find a winner in attorney case


Have you ever been just hanging out, and then someone proposes something colossally stupid? Everyone kind of looks at everyone else, wondering who will be the first to say, “Um, bad idea.”

I can see clearly now, and it’s as amazing as the doc said it would be


I remember being told to stare into the light, and not to move.

Gov. Scott gets a taste of his own medicine, so to speak

- Columnist Joe Henderson says the Gov. Rick Scott and state Republicans have been denying about 800,000 uninsured Floridians health insurance by refusing to expand Medicaid. Scott faced his own denial last week in a trip to ...

Farewell to Leann, the picture of perfect innocence


You always knew when Leann Garrett was in the room. Her speech may have been slurred by a lifetime battle with what we assumed was cerebral palsy, but that didn’t stop her from speaking up whenever she felt like i...

Please, St. Pete, please just build the doggone pier, OK?

- The St. Petersburg City Council has set new standards for inaction in dealings with the Rays and their stadium lease, Joe Henderson writes. So while there was more talk about delaying Thursday’s pier vote, he urges: ...

Time of transition has arrived for Tampa police


Tampa’s new police chief seems to be a focused, no-nonsense guy. Eric Ward’s handshake is firm and his tone is measured. He appears to have quiet confidence.

It finally has come to this, Republicans are devouring each other


I suppose it was inevitable.

Baltimore mom showed son what consequences mean

- Set boundaries. Set expectations. Set consequences. Joe Henderson says the teen boy who was chastised by his mother, Toya Graham, during the Baltimore riots someday will understand she was trying to save his life, not punis...

We haven’t been good enough stewards of the Earth


We celebrated Earth Day last week.

Good luck with that sales tax hike for transportation


Hillsborough County leaders, led by Commissioner Ken Hagan, appear ready to again ask voters for approval of a tax increase that would address our transportation needs.

Tampa police and public deserve answers federal probe will bring


Jane Castor’s last day as Tampa’s police chief is two weeks from today. Mayor Bob Buckhorn hasn’...

Who is in charge of running this state anyway?


For better or worse — make your own judgment — the people of Florida have twice elected Rick Scott as their governor. The latest Quinnipiac poll seems to show considerable buyer’s regret, since Flori...

Eakins turning Hillsborough schools upside down


One of Jeff Eakins’ first actions as acting superintendent of Hillsborough County schools was to introduce a new organizational chart. Please, don’t stop reading.

Gyrocopter stunt was dangerous, not patriotic

- Douglas Hughes’ ride raises several questions, Joe Henderson writes — among them what constitutes a sensible government protest, and a newspaper’s role in reporting the news.

First Florida battle may be Bush, Rubio

- Florida, Florida, Florida. Joe Henderson says Marco Rubio (right) likely will be going up against his friend and mentor, Jeb Bush, which means Florida once again could be the focal point of the 2016 presidential election.

Ancient grudges stand in way of progress on Cuba


At some point, probably soon, there will be free trade and travel between the United States and Cuba. That will be a great day.

Tampa downtown bicycle lanes means everyone has to be aware


If your daily commute takes you pretty much anywhere in Hillsborough County or the surrounding area, you know dedicated bicycle lanes are here and they aren’t going away.

Sink wants to “pay it forward” through environmental work


Alex Sink lost a close race for governor against Rick Scott in 2010. She re-entered the political arena in 2014, running for the U.S. House of Representatives seat in Pinellas County left open when C.W. “Bill ...

We’re only No. 11 for worst traffic? I didn’t think we were that good


This is what passes for good traffic news around here.

St. Pete Council deserves some blame for Rays mess, but not all


It’s easy sport to write off members of the St. Petersburg City Council as being naive and clueless in negotiations with the Rays because, well, they have shown that tendency. But we need to look at all sides of t...

Christians should be angry at being pawns for political gain


If you’re following the debate in Indiana over the so-called “religious freedom” law signed last week by Gov. Mike Pence, you know it was attacked as something that could be a weapon against lesbians...

Fox News said it best with Cruz: “What have you actually accomplished?”


About 19 months ago, Ted Cruz, the junior U.S. senator from Texas, was the leader in a move that shut down the federal government for two weeks. Standard & Poor’s estimated the ploy by this balance-the-budget ...

Buckhorn’s second term set to kick off with a bang


News outlets will do their thing Wednesday when Bob Buckhorn is sworn in to begin his second term as Tampa’s mayor. It’s what we do, even though everyone in town has known for at least the past two years th...

Inglis, Republican to the core, says climate change is real


Bob Inglis is a Republican who preaches the gospel of gun rights, lower taxes and less government. He spent 12 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, sent there by voters from one of South Carolina’s most con...