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Monday, Dec 22, 2014

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Obama got blame for high gas prices, so he should he get credit for lower ones


Maybe you’re planning a long car ride to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner, or perhaps you’ll visit your cousin on the other side of the state. Better gas up the car first.

Rays strong stadium stance a blunder, but it’s fixable


I’d like to take this opportunity to inform some members of the St. Petersburg City Council of a basic truth: The Tampa Bay Rays are not going to keep playing baseball in your city indefinitely. They are going to ...

Tampa bets Vinik can succeed where others failed


Many have tried to turn downtown Tampa’s Channel District into a shopping and entertainment urban wonderland.

Jeb Bush could unite tea party and liberals against him


Jeb Bush’s campaign for the presidency all but officially began Tuesday with the announcement via Twitter that he will “actively explore the possibility of running.”

Garner and Ferguson cases prove racial chasm still exists


The video is damning.

Football’s future cloudy as parents have second thoughts


In his epic book “Instant Replay” about the 1967 championship season by the Green Bay Packers, guard Jerry Kramer wrote about how he often played with concussions.

Ode to an old football coach and a love of the game


Football took Charlie McCullers from the strawberry fields of Plant City and Dover to some of the biggest stages of American sports. While that gave him a career, the spotlight usually fell on others.

St. Pete mayor shows true leadership

- Rick Kriseman understands what most of his other Pinellas colleagues never have: The Tampa Bay area will lose the Rays if they can’t get out of the Tropicana Field lease, Joe Henderson says.

All they’re trying to do at Sun City Center is help; why is it now so hard?


Sun City Center has long been known as a place where some of Florida’s smartest and most successful retirees land. These are people with skills and specialized knowledge, and they want to keep using all of that.

New Medicaid expansion plan could give GOP room to claim victory


One of the most contentious issues for now, and maybe forever, in our state is the expansion of Medicaid to cover Florida’s neediest people.

Body cams for Tampa police is the right move


We will never know for sure if Michael Brown, as many claim, had his arms raised in surrender when he was shot to death by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer. Nor will we know beyond a doubt if he was shot after attack...

Seeking ideological balance in the classroom


Florida Senate bill No. 96 is benignly entitled “Patriotic Film Screening.”

School changes show scope of South Hillsborough growth

- The large-scale growth coming to south Hillsborough County has prompted the school board to make changes to accommodate the burgeoning population. Columnist Joe Henderson warns more drastic changes will be necessary before ...

There is always a reason for giving thanks


Celebrating a national day of thanks, as the nation will do Thursday, might seem a little weird right now.

Second term will tell us who the real Rick Scott is


Rick Scott’s sudden U-turn halfway through his first term as Florida’s governor had tires squealing, rubber burning and heads shaking as people tried to figure him out.

Our “leaders” turn governing into a bad reality show


That was quite a week as we watched those chosen to lead this great nation behave like they only represent the people who voted for them.

Henderson: Living afraid is not the answer


Random shootings never make sense, no matter where they occur.

Henderson: No event too big or small for Higgins and Sports Commission


If you’re wondering how national sporting events keep showing up in our town, I’ll let you in on a secret. Focus on a consensus-builder named Rob Higgins, executive director of the Tampa Bay Sports Commissi...

Would Rays be big spenders with new stadium? Unlikely


People make some basic assumptions about why the Tampa Bay Rays need a new stadium, one close to the center of the market.

SEAL who said he killed bin Laden should have remembered oath


After they have stood up to physical training designed to break their bodies and psychological assaults to break their spirits, new members of the SEALs make a vow.

Obama’s legacy is better than you might think


It’s tough to find a Democrat these days who will publicly endorse the policies of President Barack Obama. You expect howling at the moon (or the incumbent) from the opposition party, but even the president’...

Elia wrong to publicly pick sides in race

- The animosity between Hillsborough Superintendent MaryEllen Elia and school board member April Griffin runs deep. But columnist Joe Henderson says Elia’s latest move was juvenile.

Joe would say stay positive about Rays, but that’s hard to do


The legacy Joe Maddon leaves us after nine seasons as manager of the Rays includes his relentless smile and witty quips.