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Thursday, Jul 24, 2014

Henderson, Joe

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Faith a factor in Dungy’s Sam slam

- The ironic part of the debate over Tony Dungy's comments is that it’s all about tolerance, yet the reaction has been anything but, writes columnist Joe Henderson.

Crist could gain in debate with Nan Rich

- Rich may not be piling up enough votes to win a primary, but she is making friends. That’s why treating her like an infectious mosquito is dangerous, writes columnist Joe Henderson.

Independence needed by inspectors in Tallahassee


Independence was a core principle for the Founding Fathers, as we know from all of the Fourth of July celebrations this week. It's in that spirit of independence that I come this morning to praise your state legislators....

Vinik the right guy to save Channelside

- If Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik has shown us nothing else after arriving four years ago from Boston, he knows how to make big things happen, Joe Henderson writes.

Court fair in contraception ruling

- While columnist Joe Henderson supports the idea that health care is a right, he says the Affordable Care Act requirement that employers pay for contraceptives was too much.

Cheney used to be important; now he’s just pathetic


There is a reason you rarely hear former presidents harshly criticize the current occupant of the office. When you know what they know and have to make the decisions they make, you respect the weight of those actions mor...

FDA's cigar proposal imperils Tampa heritage

- Proposed regulations - treating cigar manufacturers like cigarette giants - could increase costs so much that the city's last factory could close, writes columnist Joe Henderson.

Cuba is Crist’s latest change of direction

- Charlie Crist’s proposed trip to Cuba was controversial, Joe Henderson writes. But his decision to back off raises more questions, and creates more confusion for voters.

Former billionaire hit with $200M judgment


BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – A federal judge in California has issued a $200 million civil judgment against one-time billionaire Tim Blixseth for the fraudulent transfer of money out of an ultra-luxury resort he founded...

Nan Rich figures if Cantor lost, Crist can too


It may surprise you to know that Charlie Crist is not the Democratic nominee for governor in our state. Nearly everyone assumes he will be, but he first has to win the primary election Aug. 26 against former state Sen. N...

Maybe those soccer predictions were right

- Columnist Joe Henderson doesn’t expect the demise of football or baseball, but the window is opening wider to make soccer what some thought it would be in the U.S.

Equality means equal rights for everyone

- Joe Henderson says the government needs to ensure universal marriage equality, while Tom Jackson argues voters, not judges, should settle the issue. Where do you stand?

Brennen helped turn ‘wasteland’ into thriving arts community


I spent most of a 45-minute interview the other day with Anna Brennen furiously scribbling notes as she told the tale of her life. I didn’t really get to say much beyond, “Hi Anna, so tell me about ... ...

Africa: World Cup terror threat lowers bar numbers


NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A popular Nairobi bar that should have been packed for the opening match of the World Cup was half full at best, and people may be asking themselves if it’s worth risking a potential b...

Love letter to my better half of 33 years


I remember standing at the front of the church as everyone rose and turned to watch the bride — my bride — make her entrance. She was the only one looking at me.

Morgan’s pot-shot at Wasserman Schultz off target

- John Morgan’s comments were uncalled for, writes Joe Henderson. If Debbie Wasserman Schultz believes the marijauana amendment is too loosely written, she has a duty to say so.

Last-minute theatrics common in the Legislature


The Brandon Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon this week where representatives of the Florida Legislature gave their views on the just-completed session.

Auto salvage industry feeling pinch in Tally car wars


Let’s begin with a short hypothetical: Following an accident, your car was declared a total loss. You probably shrugged, took the insurance settlement, and went shopping for a new vehicle. More than likely, you don...

Tax watchdog not growling about rail

- The group that guards against reckless spending of taxpayer money cautiously says commuter rail has potential for the Tampa area. Joe Henderson says that makes for some interesting possibilities.

Faceoff: How strong is the tea party?

- Joe Henderson says the tea party's unwillingness to compromise has caused a backlash that could threaten its future, while Tom Jackson argues it continues to evolve, and is here to stay.

Henderson: Killer gets what he should


Dontae Morris will spend what’s left of his miserable, wasted life inside a 6-by-9-foot cell on death row at the Florida State Prison in Raiford.

Henderson: Mental illness and gun debate

- The Santa Barbara tragedy isn’t just about banning guns, Joe Henderson writes. It should be about identifying seriously mentally ill people before the next Elliot Rodger emerges.

Mr. Mayor, you call this a scandal?

- So much for a smoking gun against Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn after a federal audit into Tampa’s RNC spending in 2012. Joe Henderson says this finding borders on pure silliness.