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Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014

Henderson, Joe

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Boston Marathon victor trained on Bayshore

- Tampa runners might have seen Meb Keflezighi training on Bayshore Boulevard, behind University of Tampa cross-country coach Dror Vaknin on a bicycle.

Faceoff: Gender pay equity


Joe Henderson says it’s time for women to receive equal pay in the workplace, while Tom Jackson says pay discrimination would be important, if it were true. Where do you stand?

Henderson: Sharpe set on changing HART’s focus


Mark Sharpe’s exasperation at the approach to mass transit by the HART board and Chief Executive Officer Philip Hale is not exactly news. He talks about it all the time. I don’t believe I’m too far o...

Henderson: The one who always helps now needs some help


I approached the nursing station at Brandon Regional Hospital late Sunday afternoon and said, “Hi, I’m looking for Efrain ...”

Henderson: Just what we need, more money in politics


If you've been thinking about investing in the exploding market for ear plug sales or television mute button manufacturers, Wednesday sounded the cavalry charge for action.

Henderson: Now it’s good Samaritan’s turn to receive help


Early last Tuesday evening, Efrain Sotomeyer was driving west on Interstate 4 with his wife and daughter when he noticed a woman standing by her stalled car near the McIntosh Road exit in Seffner. Most people would have ...

Faceoff: Pros, cons to unionizing college sports

- Joe Henderson says athletes have to protect themselves and unionize. Tom Jackson counters that would lead to ever-increasing demands and the demise of college sports. Where do you stand?

Henderson: Before we tax for light rail, answer some questions first


I'll begin today with a public service. To save my friends from the tea party the bother of emailing all their objections about any tax plan to build a light rail system and improve bus service, I'll state some of their ...

Henderson: Tampa best served if Castor stays


Police Chief Jane Castor, slated to retire in May, ranks among the best ever to sit in the chief's chair, writes Joe Henderson.

Henderson: Any school transportation fix has to keep Bella in mind


We interrupt this argument at the Hillsborough County School Board to remind everyone of something really important.

Henderson: ‘Children came out worse than they went in’


Truman Thompson spent a year and a day at the Dozier School for Boys for stealing a watch, but his brothers say the abuse he endured change his life for the worse.

Henderson: Bad winter up north could mean we get more crowded


I admit it is fun torturing my Northern friends with random Facebook pictures and ramblings about how mild our winter has been.

Henderson: Stop the cash grab and bag the cameras


In the South Florida city of Tamarac, officials placed a red-light camera at an intersection by the local hospital’s emergency room. According to the website Florida Watchdog,

Henderson: Loss of officers a wound that never heals


On Thursday afternoon, Tampa police Chief Jane Castor finally began to write the words she would repeat to the judge who will decide if Dontae Morris lives or dies.

Henderson: Obamacare decided District 13

- The lesson from the District 13 special election was pretty simple, really. Joe Henderson says Republicans made the Affordable Care Act the defining issue of the election.

Henderson: Sink, Jolly lack Young's influence

- Today's District 13 election is important. But because it is about replacing an icon, columnist Joe Henderson warns the winner will find it tougher to get phone calls returned than Bill Young did.

Henderson: Same ol’ stuff from GOP conference


I have a friend from Tampa who is a true believer in the tea party, a believer to the 10th power. We have interesting talks. Mention any subject and he will speak with the authority of someone convinced the only possible...

Henderson: Project gets lost in rhetoric


Never underestimate the power of incumbency, columnist Joe Henderson says. That was on full display as Rick Scott addressed the latest phase in the $1 billion airport expansion project.

Henderson: Teacher evaluation tool pure gibberish


A lot of words come to mind when trying to make sense of the formula the state has mandated to evaluate how well public school teachers are doing their jobs.

Henderson: Arizona madness a cautionary tale for everyone in Florida


Sure, that was a righteous veto Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer used to a bill that would have sanctioned discrimination in the ...

Henderson: Scott’s plea on flood insurance was the right thing


When then-Gov. Charlie Crist hugged President Barack Obama a few years ago, members of his Republican Party were aghast. How dare he show civility and respect to the leader of the free world in a public setting!

Henderson: Employees complained, and put their names on it


People complain about stuff at their jobs all the time, but most of the time that's as far as it goes. In today's corporate world, putting your name on a complaint can be a career-killing move.

Henderson: Living proof of the glory that is Gasparilla weekend


TAMPA - One reason I love the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic is because I can participate in an event I cover. I'm sure that shatters some journalistic tenets, but all anyone ever says about that is "good luck" and "...