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Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

What’s wrong with voting early? Nothing that I can see


Excuse me just a second, please. I have to finish something before I start this column.

Buckhorn focused on Tampa, not Tallahassee (not yet, anyway)


Bob Buckhorn has had a fine run in his first term as Tampa’s mayor, and his outlook for a second term may be even brighter.

Higginbotham attack ad story takes surprising twist


Like nearly everyone in Hillsborough County during election season, Al Higginbotham’s mailbox fills with advertisements asking support for one candidate, ripping another candidate, or any of the other gibberish to...

Domestic violence not confined to NFL

- Cases like Ray Rice's grab the headlines, but columnist Joe Henderson says domestic violence happens everywhere, and it must be brought out of the shadows.

For reporters, answering highest calling can bring terrible cost


Freedom of the press is one of the pillars upon which the United States of America was built, and we definitely take that for granted.

State says one thing, the people say something else


Recently, I shared the plight of a Tampa man’s misadventures with Florida’s unemployment system.

Armed elementary school guards a sign of scary times


Elementary school students should spend their days learning ABCs and the basics of math. They should laugh, and share, and draw funny pictures that they show later to mom and dad.

Reducing truancy rates would be big step in curbing community violence


The 77 community leaders — and that’s what they deserve to be called — who have spent about a year studying ways to curb violence in Tampa and Hillsborough County have concluded something that may su...

Voters the losers in this season of negativity


I feel relatively confident saying that many people have never heard of Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder, but 11 percent of the voters in Tuesday’s Republican primary chose her anyway over incumbent Gov. Rick Scott. That&...

Thanks for giving me the power to help shape Hillsborough’s future


There were lots of good parking spaces available when I pulled up to my polling place Tuesday morning in Brandon. Lots and lots and lots of available spaces.

What’s in a name? Plenty for Washington’s team

- Faceoff: Joe Henderson says the NFL needs to protect its brand and banish "Redskins," while Tom Jackson says Dan Snyder has the legal right to keep it intact. Who’s got it right?

The state unemployment computer system that was fixed? It’s not fixed


At 9:17 a.m. on June 28, Robert Geller learned that he had gone from being gainfully employed to jobless. Obviously that’s never good news, but Geller didn’t spend any time feeling sorry for himself. He immed...

Elia’s leadership style again called into question


When the Hillsborough County School Board voted 4-2 last week to extend Superintendent Mar...

Schools now the frontline in the war on cheeseburgers


Four years ago, President Barack Obama escalated the war on bacon double cheeseburgers and French fries by signing the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids...

Give tea party credit for learning how to make a difference


I seriously admire one thing in particular about most tea party members.

A gem of the city is repolished


When you walk into Water Works Park on North Highland Avenue in downtown Tampa, prepare for a battle with yourself over which part you like the best.

Dodge-the-question game may have consequences

- As election talk heats up, Joe Henderson says Rick Scott seems fixated on one issue, while Tom Jackson contends Scott's "scandals" are nothing but a summer sideshow. Who has it right?

Bondi’s latest same-sex marriage move sidesteps the issue


Less than three months ago, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi argued that forcing our fair state to recognize same-sex marriages would, in her words,

Time running out to save Tampa’s last cigar factory

- Today is the final day the public can weight in on a misguided FDA proposal that, Joe Henderson says, could put J.C. Newman Cigar out of business.

Working together (yes!), Congress tries to speed medicine approvals


My Aunt Ruth was a remarkable lady, active and strong well into her retirement years. Even when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, doctors told her not to worry. They told her it would take many years, if...

I suppose we could always go back to the horse-and-buggy


Oh, dear heaven.

Henderson: Dear Dems and GOP money-grabbers: Please leave me alone


“Sorry to email you again, but you need to hear this. Just now, I watched Republicans vote for the first lawsuit against a President in U.S. history.

Nice move on health care for veterans, but what took so long?


Drop the balloons and release the confetti shower. We have a deal that could help veterans get better medical treatment.

Faith a factor in Dungy’s Sam slam

- The ironic part of the debate over Tony Dungy's comments is that it’s all about tolerance, yet the reaction has been anything but, writes columnist Joe Henderson.

Crist could gain in debate with Nan Rich

- Rich may not be piling up enough votes to win a primary, but she is making friends. That’s why treating her like an infectious mosquito is dangerous, writes columnist Joe Henderson.