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Thursday, Jul 02, 2015

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

There’s no room for error on death row

- While so many would like to see swift justice for prisoners on death row, Joe Henderson cautions about those who may wrongly be accused. The number of overturned cases in the state gives reason for pause.

Report urges major steps to help victims of cardiac arrest


WASHINGTON (AP) – Would you know what to do if you see someone collapse, not breathing – a loved one at home, a co-worker at the office, a stranger on the street? Far too many Americans die of cardiac arres...

Battle lines are drawn and Rick Scott drew first blood


Last week was an extraordinary one in state politics. Usually, the political fights are between competing parties, but this time the actions of Gov. Rick Scott took direct aim on some fellow Republicans.

Historic week ends with overdue decision on gay rights

- The Confederate flag is coming down. Obamacare passes a second court test. And now same-sex marriage is legal across the land. They will teach classes in the future about the things that have happened over the last few days...

GOP complains, but offers no help for Obamacare

- Opponents have hated the Affordable Care Act in the five years since it became the law of the land, Joe Henderson says, but there’s good news. It buys the GOP candidates in 2016 some time to stop belly-aching and com...

Stop denying what the Confederate flag truly represents

- The history book tells us the Civil War was totally about renegade Southern states rebelling to keep slavery alive, which is symbolized by the Confederate flag. Twisting a fact here or an anecdote there doesn’t chang...

At crunch time, it’s status quo for Florida Legislature


The next time lawmakers troll for votes with that almost sincere promise about how careful they will be with your money, remember the $2 million gift they just gave the IMG Academy in Bradenton.

Judd well within right to preach in uniform

- Polk Sheriff Grady Judd has drawn criticism for wearing his uniform while giving a church sermon. Joe Henderson writes that while he believes strongly in the separation of church and state, this is different.

Lightning prove again the value of sports to Tampa

- As shown by the fans who braved Tuesday’s sweltering heat to welcome their Tampa Bay Lightning back, Joe Henderson says you just can’t put a price tag on team loyalty.

Tampa does what it can, but bad guys keep winning


The fight for Tampa’s soul and safety never stops, but sometimes it seems like the bad people are winning. It felt that way when 14-year-old Edward “EJ’’ Harris IV was shot to death by a drive...

Belden prepares for one last turn as tax collector


Doug Belden is running for another term as Hillsborough County tax collector. OK, we didn’t exactly have to shout “Stop the presses!” for this one.

Harrison voted his conscience, not party, on health insurance


State Rep. Shawn Harrison of New Tampa is reliably Republican, standing for traditional conservative ideals.

Castor asks county to get moving quickly on ferry service


We all know it takes years to complete a public works project around here. There are studies, more studies, haggles over financing, and more studies. Once all that is done, the project actually has to be built.

When it comes to Lightning ticket flap, Tortorella’s words apply


The time has come to dust off the old John Tortorella line when he was coaching the Lightning in the 2004 playoffs and Philadelphia Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock talked some trash about some of his players.

Where are all the Blackhawks fans? Some are here

- The Stanley Cup is another chance for Tampa to show off on a national stage. But Joe Henderson says it’s also a party that’s supposed to be fun, even if it means some friendly ribbing with some people wearing sh...

One day we suddenly knew Tampa is a hockey town

- Despite what our Northern friends might think, the Lightning are not a novelty, writes columnist Joe Henderson. Over 20-plus years, lots of people began to care deeply about this team. And it has nothing to do with ticket p...

State Senate Republicans have a plan, but House counterparts won’t listen


The definition of “negotiate” in politics these days is simple: One side or the other wants everything, gives in on nothing, and when it doesn’t get what it wants it accuses the other side of failing...

Gay marriage is no threat to Christianity, so stop the hysteria


It’s the political season, so we shouldn’t be surprised by outrageous statements. We probably shouldn’t even pay attention to them.

Elia has moved on and everyone else can, too

- MaryEllen Elia is better off professionally, Hills­borough schools are better served with a new direction, and the community wins too because its schools can function with much less drama, Joe Henderson writes.

‘The Illusionists’ at the Straz leave you scratching your head in wonder


An illusion is defined as something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. That’s really the point of what the traveling deceivers known as

McElroy helped change how Tampa police get the word out


For the past decade, Laura McElroy’s job at the Tampa Police Department was to be the bridge to the public. As TPD’s public information officer, she was professional and concise and helped dissect complex s...

State had no choice but to concede school testing defeat

- The new Florida Standards Assessment was an epic fail, Joe Henderson writes, with students and teachers taking a fall for the state’s incompetence.

Jeb’s fumbling start could reshape GOP race


Jeb Bush loves his family. That’s commendable. He doesn’t want to make his brother, George, look bad.

Will someone please step up and lead Florida?


Adam Putnam.

Search long and hard, but you won’t find a winner in attorney case


Have you ever been just hanging out, and then someone proposes something colossally stupid? Everyone kind of looks at everyone else, wondering who will be the first to say, “Um, bad idea.”

I can see clearly now, and it’s as amazing as the doc said it would be


I remember being told to stare into the light, and not to move.

Gov. Scott gets a taste of his own medicine, so to speak

- Columnist Joe Henderson says the Gov. Rick Scott and state Republicans have been denying about 800,000 uninsured Floridians health insurance by refusing to expand Medicaid. Scott faced his own denial last week in a trip to ...

Farewell to Leann, the picture of perfect innocence


You always knew when Leann Garrett was in the room. Her speech may have been slurred by a lifetime battle with what we assumed was cerebral palsy, but that didn’t stop her from speaking up whenever she felt like i...

Please, St. Pete, please just build the doggone pier, OK?

- The St. Petersburg City Council has set new standards for inaction in dealings with the Rays and their stadium lease, Joe Henderson writes. So while there was more talk about delaying Thursday’s pier vote, he urges: ...