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Thursday, Jan 29, 2015

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Once again, Florida’s poor left wanting in health care debate


Florida is not among the 28 states that expanded Medicaid programs to cover their neediest citizens. Six more states are strongly considering expansion. Florida is not one of those, either.

Putnam: “Time not on our side” in fight to save citrus


Drive through eastern Hills­borough County, parts of Polk, or head south through Hardee, and you will pass farms and orange groves that make up the backbone of this state.

Here’s a friendly Rx for what ails the NFL


Ten trillion bazillion people, more or less, from here to (Bruno) Mars will watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Tampa moving up in rankings, but it’s a steep climb


You can almost hear the chant slowly build inside Tampa’s halls of power — “We’re Number 141, We’re Number 141.”

Scott’s stumbling start casts large shadow

- Two weeks into his second term, Rick Scott is facing denunciations, allegations and demands for investigations. And that’s from his friends, Joe Henderson writes.

Board's ouster of Elia exposes major rift

- The $1.1 million that taxpayers must foot for buying out MaryEllen Elia’s contract stings, Joe Henderson writes. But not as much as the fact the move reveals how the school system is divided, often along racial and ec...

Is the state of our union really that bad?


Although most Republicans have honest, deep disagreements on policy and style with the president, they keep it professional out of respect to the office he holds. But not the representatives of Wingnut Nation. They

Asking voters to approve a tax increase is a dubious venture


Supporters of the Greenlight Pinellas referendum last November did a lot of things right trying to persuade voters to pay higher taxes for mass transit needs, including (cover your ears, folks) r-a-i...

Elia bears some responsibility for the problems, too


Hillsborough County School Superintendent MaryEllen Elia is a remarkable woman. Even her critics concede that.

Philly might not buy into Scott’s pitch

- Gov. Rick Scott plans to travel to Philadelphia next month to coax the city’s business leaders and other people to move to Florida. Joe Henderson warns that he may not know what he’s up against.

It’s your turn now GOP, so what do you have?


Governing is a lot different than complaining, as Republicans in Congress are about to discover. After six years of stalling, obstruction and shouting BENGHAZI!!! at least five times a day, th...

When a child’s safety is the issue, take action now, for goodness sakes!


If John Nicholas Jonchuck doesn’t qualify as deranged, I don’t know what it takes. So what was he doing out on the streets and in custody of his 5-year-old daughter, Phoebe?

Scott eases into his second term as Florida’s governor


Rick Scott’s second term as Florida’s governor began Tuesday, in case you missed it. His inauguration came and went without much fanfare, and maybe that’s good.

Improving relations with Cuba requires some sensitivity


I can’t imagine what it was like to be in Cuba when Fidel Castro seized power, and if you didn’t live through it, you can’t either.

Florida to take a step toward fairness and equality


Florida is about to join what Hillsborough County Circuit Court Clerk Pat Frank called “the ranks of rationality.” That is a great way to phrase it, because starting Tuesday the state’s legal barrier...

If you can’t say something nice ... oh, never mind


We had an executive here a few years back who got all hopped up over this new thing called the Internet and what it meant for the future of newspapers, particularly this one.

‘Imagining Madoff’ an ambitious production for Tampa group


Four years ago, David Frankel sized up the local theatre scene in the Tampa Bay area and saw a need.

On this silent, holy night, the hope is always for peace


Before the joyous chaos of Christmas morning, there is this day.

Obama got blame for high gas prices, so he should he get credit for lower ones


Maybe you’re planning a long car ride to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner, or perhaps you’ll visit your cousin on the other side of the state. Better gas up the car first.

Rays strong stadium stance a blunder, but it’s fixable


I’d like to take this opportunity to inform some members of the St. Petersburg City Council of a basic truth: The Tampa Bay Rays are not going to keep playing baseball in your city indefinitely. They are going to ...

Tampa bets Vinik can succeed where others failed


Many have tried to turn downtown Tampa’s Channel District into a shopping and entertainment urban wonderland.

Jeb Bush could unite tea party and liberals against him


Jeb Bush’s campaign for the presidency all but officially began Tuesday with the announcement via Twitter that he will “actively explore the possibility of running.”

Garner and Ferguson cases prove racial chasm still exists


The video is damning.

Football’s future cloudy as parents have second thoughts


In his epic book “Instant Replay” about the 1967 championship season by the Green Bay Packers, guard Jerry Kramer wrote about how he often played with concussions.

Ode to an old football coach and a love of the game


Football took Charlie McCullers from the strawberry fields of Plant City and Dover to some of the biggest stages of American sports. While that gave him a career, the spotlight usually fell on others.

St. Pete mayor shows true leadership

- Rick Kriseman understands what most of his other Pinellas colleagues never have: The Tampa Bay area will lose the Rays if they can’t get out of the Tropicana Field lease, Joe Henderson says.

All they’re trying to do at Sun City Center is help; why is it now so hard?


Sun City Center has long been known as a place where some of Florida’s smartest and most successful retirees land. These are people with skills and specialized knowledge, and they want to keep using all of that.

New Medicaid expansion plan could give GOP room to claim victory


One of the most contentious issues for now, and maybe forever, in our state is the expansion of Medicaid to cover Florida’s neediest people.

Body cams for Tampa police is the right move


We will never know for sure if Michael Brown, as many claim, had his arms raised in surrender when he was shot to death by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer. Nor will we know beyond a doubt if he was shot after attack...