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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Martin Fennelly

Tribune Staff
Fennelly, Martin

Imposing force awaits as Bolts-Rangers series lives on

- The Lightning keep finding ways to put their backs against the wall, but Martin Fennelly says they might have backed into the wall one time too many, against the wrong customers.

Bolts’ Stamkos sets tone, lives in moment

- After struggling without a goal in his first eight playoff games, Steven Stamkos has caught fire. Martin Fennelly says the Lightning’s leader is back on his game and has Tampa Bay on the verge of the Stanley Cup fina...

When needed most, Bolts’ Bishop trumps King

- No deep thinking needed from Ben Bishop, Martin Fennelly writes, just good, reliable goaltending, with bounce-back play in front of Bishop to match. The Lightning got that, and are now on the verge of the Stanley Cup finals.

Playoff tests never end as pressure shifts to Bishop

- King takes Bishop. Check. But is it mate?

Little good news for Lightning out of Game 4 loss

- All those Bolts chances and the series is tied. All those Bolts mistakes and the series is tied. And the Rangers’ stars have awakened from playoff slumber. Columnist Martin Fennelly sifts through the wreckage for Tam...

Harvard man Killorn just does it right

- Three years ago, Alex Killorn was graduating from Harvard. now, Martin Fennelly says, the Lightning’s soft-spoken yet stealth power forward (nickname: Killer) has emerged in the playoffs.

Lightning’s dynamic unit can’t be slowed

- The Rangers contained Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, then Washington’s Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom. But now they’re seeing double with the Lightning’s Triplets and can ...

Cooper is definitely part of Bolts’ run for the Cup

- As far as his role in the Lightning going this far in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Coach Jon Cooper is taking the humble approach. Martin Fennelly, though, says Cooper is as big a part of the surge as anyone.

Bolts’ Johnson sets tone, conquers New York

- It could have passed for a changing of the guard, from one mighty mite to another. While Marty St. Louis was chasing the Lightning, Martin Fennelly says Tyler Johnson was chasing history.

Drouin benchings raise questions about future with Bolts

- Jonathan Drouin scored just four goals in his wildly disappointing rookie season, and has only appeared in three playoff games. Will he raise his game, if not now, then next season? Martin Fennelly says It’s big boy ...

Things happen, and few went Lightning’s way

- We’re only a single game into the Eastern Conference finals, but lessons are aplenty after the Tampa Bay Lightning dropped the opener.

Bolts-Rangers personal for both sides on some levels

- Of course, this isn’t about Marty. It’s about Stanley, writes Martin Fennelly. But after listening to the pregame talk, it doesn’t sound like the end of the Cold War that started with a trade demand.

Williams, Bucs a big part of each other’s history

- This is how it should be: Doug Williams and the Bucs, together again. Martin Fennelly says Williams calls being named to the Bucs’ Ring of Honor along with Mike Alstott “just like if you were going to heaven.&...

Lightning want nothing to do with a Game 7

- They’re a win away from the Eastern Conference finals, and two losses from infamy. Either the Lightning clinch tonight or go back to Montreal for Game 7, and if that happens, Martin Fennelly says this series is over..

Bucs’ Winston shows off best features at rookie minicamp

- On Jameis Winston's first day of work, he arrived so early he greeted the bus carrying other rookies from the hotel. We’re at the good stuff, the stuff behind why the Bucs chose Jameis Winston, writes columnist Martin...

Complacent Lightning get exactly what they deserve

- The streak is over after eight straight wins over Montreal, and the brooms have been swept from Lightning hands. But although they’re still up 3-1, Martin Fennelly asks: Can we get some killer instinct around here?

Johnny B. Great seems to be made for magical moments

- Tyler Johnson’s first and only shot on goal beat the horn as the Lightning are on the brink of sweeping the Canadiens. At the moment, Martin Fennelly says this kid beats all.

Naked truth: Bolts inside Habs' heads


— It took two wins this playoff series — seven wins, if you count the regular season — but the Lightning have rattled le Club de hockey Canadien<...

Franchise's future rests in Jameis' hands

- The Bucs have made you the face of the franchise. No. 1 overall. Now, Martin Fennelly says the future of Lovie Smith, Jason Licht ... and the entire team rests in his hands.

Picking Winston is about trust, and it's lacking

- Martin Fennelly says the Bucs will take Jameis Winston tonight. They'll make him the top pick in the NFL draft and stake their future on him. But something doesn't feel right about this.He doesn't trust this pick, and doesn...

In his biggest challenge yet, Bishop is the star of the show


— Before last season, we wondered if he could be a No. 1 goaltender in the NHL. Before this season, we wondered how he’d follow up on last season, when he was Vezina Trop...

Brooks says time will provide answers on Winston

- Martin Fennelly column: The Bucs are about to draft Jameis Winston, bringing up questions of trust and risk. Ex-Buc star Derrick Brooks says he trusts Winston, but he trusts in something even more than that: time.

Archer delivers another sick performance

- He couldn’t keep his breakfast down, but he ate the Blue Jays’ lunch. That’s how well it’s going for Rays pitcher Chris Archer, who Martin Fennelly says might currently be the best pitcher in the Ame...

Stamkos coming up small on biggest stage


— Steven Stamkos’ life as a playoff ghost continues. His silence is deafening. The bell keeps ringing. He keeps not answering. Five games, no goals, a big zero on his gam...

In a flash, Bolts' Johnson turns series around, town upside down

- In eight minutes that shook this series, 5-foot-8 Tyler Johnson's will and skill changed everything, writes columnist Martin Fennelly. The Lightning seemed on their way to the edge of the cliff. Johnson thought different. A...

Chances are, percentages in Bucs’ favor in draft

- In one week the Bucs will be lord and master of every mock drafter on the planet, and although it looks like Jameis Winston is the man, what they officially do remains to be seen. Odds are, Martin Fennelly has a pretty good...

This wasn’t the playoff debut Bishop wanted

- Columnist Martin Fennelly isn’t saying goalie Ben Bishop lost Game 1 for the Lightning, but he didn’t win it, either. And he had a lot of company in that regard.

To Lightning’s lucky charm, anthem more than just a song


She digs jazz and gospel, adores “The Sound of Music” and likes “Uptown Funk.” But one song alone remains her chart-t...

Bolts out to show who they are in playoffs

- Last year the Lightning were shown an early exit after they were outplayed, outcoached and outgoaltended during a playoff sweep against Montreal. Which team shows up this year remains to be seen, but Martin Fennelly writes ...

The first (and last) Fennelly No. 1 QB rankings: Where will Jameis rank?


What will it be, Jameis Elway or JaMarcus Winston?

UConn raises visibility of women’s basketball to new heights


— It was something Geno Auriemma said. Hey, when isn’t it something Geno said? But it was something he said a few months ago, before his basketball team began another mar...

Not quite what we’d hoped for on Rays’ Opening Day

- Like spring training before it, Opening Day was not how you’d draw it up, not if you’re a fan, an owner, a player and certainly not if you’re a Rays manager making your debut, writes Martin Fennelly.

Irish eyes smiling after this victory


— We have no idea what any of it will mean come late Tuesday night.

Her sights set on a grand slam, Stewart is the ultimate winner


— It was just another day in Stewie World at the Final Four, Breanna Stewart and UConn’s home away from home.

Rays lights are about to burn bright

- Tribune sports columnist Martin Fennelly says we're going to find out a lot this season as Kevin Cash takes charge as a first-time manager – the youngest in the MLB.

That lasting memory: 2008 Final Four proved to be Summitt’s last


— When the time comes, and as long as they can, they’ll lovingly help the legend with the piercing blue eyes, help her remember how it was.

Rays’ Loney quietly ready for more

- Have you heard a word about James Loney this spring? It’s as if he’s in witness protection, writes columnist Martin Fennelly. And that’s how he likes it.

Strawberry’s grace after fall


— “It is indeed an honor to be here. First I must pray.”