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Monday, Sep 22, 2014

AP Health Statistics

Indiana plans campaign to reduce infant deaths

Indiana agency planning education campaign aimed at reducing state's infant death rate
Published: 09/19/14

Rhode Island child vaccination rates among highest

Vaccination rates for children and teenagers in Rhode Island among highest in US
Published: 09/16/14

More children live to age 5, work still to be done

Death rates down, but world lags in meeting goal of sharply reducing child mortality by 2015
Published: 09/16/14

Prescription painkiller deaths up, but not as fast

Prescription painkiller deaths not rising as fast as before; methadone restrictions credited
Published: 09/16/14

Wyoming teen birth rates fall 6th straight year

Teen birth rates fall for 6th straight year in Wyoming; health officials credit education
Published: 09/15/14

Iowa birth rate sluggish despite better economy

The economy is improving in Iowa, but the birth rate isn't bouncing back as quickly
Published: 09/15/14

Wyoming teen birth rates fall 5th straight year

Teen birth rates fall for 5th straight year in Wyoming, but still higher than national average
Published: 09/15/14

Okla. infant mortality rate continues to decline

Department of Health says Oklahoma's infant mortality rate continues to decline
Published: 09/11/14

Louisiana editorial roundup

Summary of recent Louisiana newspaper editorials
Published: 09/10/14

Thyroid, kidney cancers up in kids but still rare

Thyroid, kidney cancers rise slightly in kids; overall childhood cancer rate is stable: Study
Published: 09/08/14