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Friday, Jul 25, 2014
Local visits power Scott's jobs message
Florida Gov. Rick Scott speaks Thursday at General Electric's Clearwater facility. The governor stopped to help celebrate the plant's expansion, which is expected to bring more than 250 new jobs to Clearwater.
“When you're running your whole campaign on jobs, it's nice to come to job announcements. It's working,” Gov. Rick Scott said, repeating a frequent slogan, while visiting a GE facility.
Manager Joe Maddon said the Rays have to start playing as well at home as they have on the road if they are going to make a serious run at the playoffs.
Maddon: Time to win at home
Clearwater police Detective Thomas Dawe, hugs Donna LaGrand, wife of murder victim Jack LaGrand, after hearing the guilty verdict read during the trial of Tisen KaShawn .
Man guilty in Clearwater cabbie murder
Richard McTear is accused of killing a baby by throwing it out of a car window on Interstate 275. 
Man describes finding dead baby on I-275


Don’t be snowed by the far left’s latest darling

Douglas MacKinnon Poor Hillary Clinton. First, she loses the 2008 Democratic presidential primary to an unknown community organizer from Chicago whose early mentors were a documented domestic terrorist and a convicted felon now serving time in a federal prison. Now, she is at increasing risk of losing the 2016 Democratic primary to well-known “Native American” Elizabeth Warren, the far-left senator from Massachusetts.

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