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Thursday, Oct 02, 2014
Weary of the rain, region waits to dry out
A road construction project on Seven Springs Boulevard in New Port Richey is at a standstill due to recent rain.
A solid week of rain has left a soggy mark on the Tampa area, flooding dozens of streets, idling road construction, closing parks, backing up septic systems and causing sewage pipes to fail.
A Clearwater estate at 800 and 802 Druid Rd. S., on the market last year for $17.5 million, will have a reserve price of $8.5 million when it goes to auction Oct. 11. DECARO LUXURY REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS
Clearwater mansion could fetch $8.5 million in auction
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has activated a city emergency management center after a patient was confirmed with the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S. 
Ebola-infected passenger was sent home from Dallas ER
Clerk and Comptroller Paula O’Neil said she wants to get to the bottom of why Louise Gritmon and Gene Foy were charged for using 614,000 gallons of water over an 18-day period in July while their house was vacant. 
Pasco suspends $3,386 water bill as probe begins
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Most of us trust the police regardless of what Obama says

Douglas MacKinnon When I read a recent Associated Press headline and the accompanying story, I realized I was living in an alternate universe. A universe where respect for police and the highly dangerous, selfless and thankless job we ask them to perform — be it in Tampa or elsewhere — is a pillar of civilized society. A universe of thoughts, beliefs and values that are now being perverted by rhetorical ambulance chasers in pursuit of populist glory.

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