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Wednesday, May 06, 2015
Social media star at center of teacher’s termination hearing
A Hillsborough County physical education teacher accused of insubordination could lose his job Thursday. Ben Hill Middle School teacher Adam Reynolds (right), who was suspended without pay in October, is up for termination because of a pizza party he organized for some female students to meet his half-brother, teen heartthrob Carter Reynolds (left). Photo from Vine.
A middle-school teacher brought his 17-year-old celebrity brother to school, and that might have led to a sexual encounter between the celebrity and a 14-year-old student, a school district report says.
Authorities believe this man may have committed bank robberies in Pinellas and Hernando counties.
Reward for serial bank robber doubled to $20,000
Uber is asking supporters to sign an online petition for lawmakers to include ride-sharing legislation in the special session. But bills filed in Florida mirror the one in Kansas that caused Uber to pull out. CHRIS URSO/STAFF
Lawmakers done with it, but Uber keeps fighting
NFL finds Patriots employees probably deflated footballs
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Economic reality slams up against liberal fantasies

Tom Jackson Committed liberals are not buying the conservative narrative that emerged in the wake of Baltimore’s descent into riots, looting and arson last week. That is, what we witnessed was the news-making manifestation of 50 almost unbroken years of Democratic Party rule and progressive policies piled up like layers of geologic strata.

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