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Thursday, Mar 05, 2015
Marc Zudar to run Goody Goody brand
The Florida Avenue Goody Goody location on Florida Avenue operated from 1930 until Nov. 30, 2005.
Richard Gonzmart is turning to an old friend to run the revived Goody Goody burger brand, Marc Zudar.
St. Pete mother encourages son to jump from window
‘Queen of tax fraud’ request denied, sentenced again to 21 years
Ryan Callahan is always willing to do the dirty work in front of the opposition’s net.
Lightning’s Callahan has nose for the net
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What was remarkable about Scott’s State of the State? What he didn’t say

Paula Dockery The legislative session is officially underway, and the opening day was filled with the customary pomp and circumstance. Legislators’ desks were filled with flowers, dignitaries were present, prayers were offered, patriotic songs were sung, and the Senate president and speaker of the House presented their visions to their respective chambers.

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