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Sunday, Jan 25, 2015
Stadium subsidies are a big-league gamble for state
The Rays have been struggling with poor ticket sales and empty seats in Tropicana Field, and team officials have made no secret of their desire for a new stadium.
A study shows that Florida gets back only 30 cents for every $1 spent on sports stadium incentives.
Sterling Ranch residents Paula Walz, right, and Randy Mitchell contend that they are forced to mow, edge and otherwise care for a parcel of land that doesn't belong to them.
Homeowner group fights resident over mowing
Kids dressed up as pirates get ready for Saturday afternoon's Gasparilla Children's Parade on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa. ANDY JONES/STAFF
Young marauders roam Bayshore at kickoff parade
Outfielder Steven Souza, who came from the Washington Nationals in the Wil Myers trade, is now the Rays’ top prospect, according to Baseball America. ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO
Rays’ trades beef up farm system that had gone dry
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Elia’s firing reaffirms Pasco voters’ wisdom

Tom Jackson The next time you’re approached by someone pushing a petition to change the position of Pasco County schools superintendent from elected to appointed — history hints we’re just about due — you should resist the impulse to get into an argument and simply sign the name that says everything about why that’s an entirely awful idea.

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