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Sunday, Mar 01, 2015
Water transportation options growing in downtown Tampa
Hillsborough, Tampa, Fl. 8/7/2009- STRIVERTAXI 12- Captain Laurence Salkin makes his way through the Seddon Channel near Marjorie Park Marina with Willie Collins, Jenna Bernstein, Dana Collins Carr and Terry Falcone a tour aboard the Tampa Water Taxi  in Tampa, Fla. on Thursday, August 6, 2009. 12 OF IMAGES STAFF MICHAEL SPOONEYBARGER
From rentals to tour boats to a plain ol’ get-from-one-end-of-the-Riverwalk-to-the-other water taxi, the waters around downtown are alive with the sounds of motors.
Caddy’s owner claims the beach behind it. The state says the sand became public property after it eroded and was restored.
Sun may be setting on Caddy’s on the Beach
The Andros dorms will face the wrecking ball and be replaced by a residential village with retail, restaurant and even grocery store space for 2,000 students.
Old USF dorms to make way for new village
Park Avenue, across the street from treed Central Park, is Winter Park’s  main shopping and dining district.
Winter Park offers different kind of Main Street
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Overrated delights of surprise (Surprise!)

Tom Jackson I concluded some time ago that the value of most surprises is vastly overrated. Let me be clear: I am speaking here of surprises that are crafted to inspire and delight, not those designed by the good guys to bushwhack criminals or enemy war-makers.

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