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Friday, Aug 22, 2014
Tampa votes to remove rowers' graffiti on seawall
The Tampa City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to allow Friends of the Riverwalk to scour graffiti from a 650-foot segment of the river that will become part of an art installation affiliated with the Riverwalk.
The calling cards left behind by the nation's collegiate rowers will be removed from a stretch of the Hillsborough River seawall.
Bishop sorry for filming of raunchy comedy at Sacred Heart
The Department of Defense said Thursday that Army Sgt. 1st Class Matthew I. Leggett, of Ruskin, died Wednesday. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
Army paratrooper from Ruskin killed in Afghanistan
Soon-to-be U.S. citizens raise their right hands as they recite the Oath of Allegiance to become naturalized citizens at Tropicana Field on Thursday.
New Americans take in baseball after taking oath


If trust fails, cops’ gear irrelevant

Tom Jackson LAND O’ LAKES — Suddenly, wrapped in bullet- stopping armor and arriving with a rumble and a throaty diesel growl, America has a new paranoia: the militarization of local law enforcement. On the left and the libertarian right, hands are being wrung in righteous concern about the betrayal of Sir Robert Peel’s fundamentals of policing, up to and including his admonition that the best evidence of excellent law enforcement is when nobody notices it’s happening.

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