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Thursday, Mar 05, 2015
Harrison Ford crash-lands plane on California golf course
A small plane lies where it crash-landed on Penmar Golf Course in the Venice area of Los Angeles. The pilot was actor Harrison Ford.
An official says Harrison Ford crash-landed his vintage airplane at a Los Angeles golf course. He suffered moderate injuries.
Tampa Bay Rays players line up in the dugout for the start of their home opener at Charlotte Sports Park. JAY CONNER/STAFF
For fans, spring training equal parts hope and nostalgia
On his official YouTube video, Todd Nichols (pictured), scheduled to appear tonight on a Sportsman Channel television show starring Sarah Palin, tells a compelling story about how he was one of the first 36 Green Berets to have arrived in Afghanistan and that his exploits there were commemorated in a famous statue of a soldier on horseback that stands at Ground Zero in New York. Nichols, in the video, says he is the one the sculptor used as a model for the statue. 
Photo via video from YouTube.
Who was the model for horse soldier statue? Claim stirs controversy
The Florida Avenue Goody Goody location on Florida Avenue operated from 1930 until Nov. 30, 2005.
Marc Zudar to run Goody Goody brand
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What was remarkable about Scott’s State of the State? What he didn’t say

Paula Dockery The legislative session is officially underway, and the opening day was filled with the customary pomp and circumstance. Legislators’ desks were filled with flowers, dignitaries were present, prayers were offered, patriotic songs were sung, and the Senate president and speaker of the House presented their visions to their respective chambers.

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